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Edward: who was forced to leave Bella and then believed that she was dead
Jacob: who slowly fell in love with Bella and ended up losing her

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i think edward had it harder in new moon, but jacob had it harder in eclipse
right you are Kelsey.
Jacob is in love with Bella, and Bella doesnt know what she wants or what real love is, or how can she say she loves them both. She has the best of both worlds, and she doesnt know it. Which one will end up taking her heart let alone her life. Mabey both.
I think Edward had it harder because he knew he had to lie to get Bella to let him go. Then he had to stand there and watch as the girl he loves really starts to believe that he doesn't love her anymore must have been heartbraking!
Losing your soul mate is like losing your soul; to sacrifice yourself is the ultimate price to pay for love. Edward.
I can't believe anyone even MENTIONED Edward's name in this entire thing, it makes me sick.

Not even because it's Edward over Jacob, but because you HONESTLY believe that Jacob had it better? Let me explain something.

Imagine being human all your life; you are, aren't you? You're a normal teenager with normal friends and just live your life with loved ones and a good time in mind. A typical life, no? Then, you start befriending someone who you're totally in to, not even just romantically. You completely understand each other, have fun together, they make you feel needed and wanted. They're with someone else, you get that, push your feelings aside because you really just like them as a person. Then, out of no where, they completely fall apart because the person they loved left them; you're afraid for them, you see as their eyes void of feeling or warmth, they become nothing. The eyes and body and soul you cared so much about are ripped apart.

Not only that, everyone's happy they left. You're angry; why would they wish for something that would hurt them so bad? You leave them alone, you don't want to intrude even if it hurts knowing they're in pain and you can't do anything. Then they come to you and the void face that had no feeling or any life suddenly lights up like the morning sky and they're so damn happy just to see you. Your heart melts, you feel happy too. You hang out, you stay together, you notice how much better they look after being with you. Your heart's doing somersaults, you feel like you're on Cloud 9.

Suddenly, for a reason you can't explain, you're wrought with pain and mutated into a horrific monster, a monster that makes you want to kill your own family. A monster you can't control, a monster that suddenly rules your body and mind. Then you're told that this change was forced upon you, something you have to become strictly because vampires are around. Not because of a war, not because of some magic, not because of destiny. Because of vampires.. And, what's more, the person you love was dating a vampire and the reason they became so catatonic and soulless was because of them. Because they left.

They left, tore your best friend's heart out and they turned you in to a monster.

Anger, hatred, loss, all of those things are flying in your head, you're confused and realized you've been drafted into a war you never could've dreamed existed. You didn't want it, and now you can't leave it. You're a monster... and you can't even be with your friend anymore... because you could so easily kill them.

Then, they look void again after you avoid them, they beg for you back and say that they could love you if only you wouldn't leave them. You're heartbroken and elated at the same time, but it changes nothing. Because, when you do go back, when you do give everything to them, when they do fall in love with you. Vampires come in and ruin everything. They tell your friend to go with them, to go and save the very same person who left them and ripped their soul apart. And, the worst part is, they choose to leave you to go back for the one who hurt them.

You were cast aside.. for the very same people that changed you and tore you from everything you know. That wasn't enough, they took who you loved too.

[Go to and read the article she posted describing Jacob so that people could understand him, I read that a long time ago and it helped me to love Jacob as more then a character, but as a real being.]

Edward had it easy by comparison, Edward may have been "depressed" and "thought Bella was dead" but Jacob not only was transformed by something he never thought existed but they ripped the person he loved away from him twice. I'm sorry, but that's ridiculous.

I'm not saying Edward "had it completely easy"; but I WILL say that Jacob had it far, far worse.
They did say Edward's name in it.At the beginning,when they were still dating.In the middle,when Laurent almost killed Bella in the meadow.And at the end,when Bella and Alice was in Rio trying to save Edward's life and to convince him that Bella was alive.So,you see,Edward's name was in there a lot,but not as much in the other books.
Everyone's got their opinions on this, and we all hold them dear. I'm all for robust discussion, but can we keep the personal jibes out please?
There was no personal jibe other then "I can't believe anyone said Edward"; I never meant for what I said to offend anyone, I meant that I can't understand why people would choose Edward. If that offended anyone, I apologize.
Why does everyone assume that "losing someone you were in love with" suddenly makes everything harder? That's like saying "Oh, Jeremy lost the love of his life Carrisa in a car crash; I know Kevin lost his ability to walk and his mental stability, but Jeremy had it rough."

No, that's insane. And, maybe that explanation went a little far, but just because he "loved Bella so much" and "thought she was dead" doesn't mean everything was so much harder for him. That's ridiculous, pain--emotional or physical--is something that is only painful while it lasts. Seeing someone die, you think you'd rather be hurt instead, the pain would be less, right? That's a lie. When it comes down to it, if someone is killing you then you'd wish the reverse.

Edward did have it hard, don't get me wrong. I would've been devastated if I left the person I loved and thought they died, of course. But, you know what, it wasn't quite as hard as Jacob. He wasn't twisted because of the existence of Jacob and he didn't loose his ability to be who he was and, all around he didn't loose anything that would've made him hurt worse then Jacob.

I ADMIT IT WAS HARD FOR EDWARD--I've said this MULTIPLE times--but I still don't believe Edward had it harder. If he had it harder, it would be because he is mentally a little unstable because that kind of thing isn't something mentally sound people nearly KILL THEMSELVES over. I'm also not saying Edward's crazy, I'm saying he was extreme. Don't tell me everyone would die when someone they loved died, that is so counter productive I can't even begin xD.
I agree, and not just because im on team Jacob. No offense to others.


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