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please give me some answers?

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Hmm...Jacob cause he is sooo sweet to Bella and would do anything for her...unlike Edward who left her.
All the cullens of course.......
My favorite was jacob. He was a very good friend to Bella. In the end though, it was Edward. He felt so bad about leaving even though it was for her own good. He didnt know it would hurt her so badly.
my favorite in new moon was of course edward and bella but alice cause she is the one that came back around before the rest of the cullens did
My fav is THE VOLTURI and Alice and Jasper
Bella .. She goes through hell .. and shes easy to relate to in the way she deals!
JACOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....always!!!!! and the whole Wolf Pack
i like alice because she cared about bella to come back and check on her
The members of the Volturi are my favorite. Especially Demetri. :D


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