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Do you have any suggestions for actors to play Ian and Kyle? It's hard to find the right actors, since they have to look very much alike, like brothers.
I thought maybe Sean Faris and Henry Cavill would be good as brothers, but I'm not sure yet.

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ian - IAN SOMERHALDER (the perfect ian in my head)
kyle - kellan lutz (the only one i can see in the part)

henry cavill could be a good jared
I would say
Ian Somerhalder as Ian
Justin Chatwin as Kyle
I thought of Ian Somerhalder as well, but I can't find anyone who looks like him. At least not enough to be his brother. And I kind of wanted to keep Twilight out, and find new actors. :P
hey hey... i saw a similar discussion, and someone posted them her/his (not sure who) ian and kyle and they actually looked alike! his/her ian is the actor who protrayed clark kent in smallville and kyle is channing tatum, John of 'dear john'... and they're both hot! :))
Tom Welling I would see more as Kyle and Channing Tatum as Ian although they don't look or sound anything alike.
Since I heard that this was turning into a movie, I was really racking my brain while reading it to find the right actors to fill those boots but no one came to mind. Maybe that's what I like about reading more so than watching movies about books. You see the characters your way. Or at least specifically how the author wants you to see them.
No one in Hollywood can match what I see in my head for these two. I see them tall, rough, burly men with big arms and kind voices.
That's tough. But what about Melanie? Who could play her?
I know, right? I have looked for several months, but I can't seem to find someone for Ian and Kyle! :P I thought of Sophia Bush as Melanie. At first I didn't like her because I thought she didn't look enough like a survivor, but after watching "The Hitcher", I think she could pull it of :P
Kay, I know they aren't to be identical but this just came to my attention in the other discussion.
For Kyle and Ian... the Ashmore brothers?? Sean and Aaron?
They aren't what I see for them in my head but they are real brothers who both act - well - and could probably pull it off.
It would be totally cool if the actors for Kyle and Ian were brothers in real life too, but these don't look like I imagined Ian and Kyle to look like in my head .. :S But I guess it's impossible to find actors who look exactly like how I pictured the characters :P


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