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I've seen alot of posts about how much they loved Ian and the Wanda/Ian relationship, but i gotta say...and maybe I'm in the minority...I just didn't feel for him that much. I mean, I liked him, but he wasn't the guy in the story I rooted for. I felt myself more drawn to Jared. I know he was a complete jerk at the beginning, but you gotta think he had reason to be. I mean, here the love of his life was standing in front of him, but it wasn't her. She had been taken.

To me, Jared was the one that had more character growth towards the end. I mean, he actually ended up loving Wanda. Whereas, Ian didn't care for Melanie. It irked me that everytime Jared tried to show some compassion to Wanda, Ian would butt in and take her away. And when Wanda first lost Melanie when Jamie was sick, he didn't really care. He thought maybe it was best if Mel just stayed gone. I get that he loved Wanda, but come on. There's a of your kind living in her mind and you don't care that she might be gone and never come back?

They shared some sweet moments and like I said, Ian was a good guy, but I just remember getting anxious for Jared to come back into the scene when I read hte book for hte first time. It was almost like feeling what Mel and Wanda felt around him. lol

I'm glad he was able to give Wanda a happy ending, but I just didn't feel as much compassion towards him like most readers.

Am I the only one?

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yes you're one of the few ppl who doesn't care about ian that much.... most of the people (like me) are in love with him because it's impossible not to love a perfect man like him!!! he's so sweet!!!
i don't know...personally i like ian and thought that he was a wonderful attribute to the entire story line and cannot wait to see his and wanda's relationship on the big screen. i think ian was the one with the most growth because at first he was all for killing wanda/mel and then came to love her...that shows real growth whereas i believe jared only came to love wanda because he knew that mel was still in there.
thats right...couldn't have said it better myself. But i don see ur pt Lincoln H
ya, but jared was really cruel to wanda. he even admitted that, and he said that he believed melanie was inside wanda, but he tried to convince himself that she isnt. so the bottom line is that he believed at the beggining, but he continued to torture wanda and beat her up, and he stopped when he knew that doing that to her was hurting mel.
whereas ian accepted wanda AND melanie.
dont get me wrong, jared's not a bad man, but i prefer ian
Everyone has their own opinion =) I just happen to love Ian MORE because of all the sweet stuff the others mentioned. Jared is awesome too XD
Sorry, but imo, no one in this novel is perfect. Not even Wanderer who has only known perfect worlds.
You gotta be kiddong me! Ian rules, for Wanda. But Jared rules for mel.
I agree with you that Jared is an awesome guy but I prefer Ian, he's my most favorite character in the book. He's so sweet, so thoughtful, so sensitive and caring. He's the perfect fit for Wanda. She needs someone to take care of her since she never thinks for herself. I'd love to see how Ian-Wanda relationship going on in the next 2 sequels.
From reading blurbs about the book, I was all set to be rooting for Jared. Ian was a complete surprise for me, and he just kept drawing me in. I think that if I had identifed more with Mel than with Wanderer, I would have been drawn more to Jared, though.
uhm...i really love Ian...but i actually thought that jared was the guy for wanda...i always wanted him and wanda...
and when Ian came in i was like WHAT!!!...i thought he was one of the people that helped wanda thats it didnt even see it come...didnt see ian as the guy who ended up with wanda..
so yeah i agree...
I totally agree with you. Actually,me, i don't like Ian very much. The first time i read the book i was just caring for Jared and Ian getting on my nervs. When i read the book again i not dislike him but not like him. Now i just didn't car for him. Jared is really my man. For all the reason you mention and more. So no your not alone. I'm with you and dislike Ian more than you whatever people think.
I AGREE!! hallelujah there is another one in this universe that actually doesn't like Ian!! i fell in love with Jared just like Wanda did at first from Melanie's memories! he is so PERFECT..i don't like Ian..i mean he is a good guy but not the one I want!!


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