The Twilight Saga

This is my first fan fiction

this starts after Mel wakes up, after Wanda is gone. It's from her point of view.

Hope you like it.

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oh i like it very're keeping it on stephenie's way of writing and that'e great...cause if you change it it will be weird...cause it's an unmentioned part of the host...i haven't notice points that need's great...
hey i can't see the file... can you copy and paste it here in the description cuz i really wanna read it but my computer doesn't have the program needed to open the file, or maybe you can create a microsoft word file and attach it here. did the same to me too....but when the program is open(after it said that the file can't be open) it is blank...right?then you go in this blank page at the menu file->open file->awoken...
Sorry about the file type...
this is it

“Mel, can you hear me? Mel.” It was the sound of the voice that brought me round to almost complete awareness. It was so sharp and clear, to hear it through my own ears. It was this voice that still had the power to send my heart in to a fluttering mess.


“Mel, are you there? Can you hear me? You have to come back to me now, okay?”

Jared, I'm here.

Then it hit me like taking a kick to the gut. Wanda was gone. The realisation that I had to speak for myself suddenly dawned on me. Wanda wasn't here for translations anymore. I had to use my voice, which is something I hadn't, really, done in over a year.

“Melanie Stryder! Wake up this instant! You hear me! You have to wake up now!” Jared's voice had increased in volume and was filled with traces of annoyance, but it was free from any kind of anger. How could he be annoyed? How long had I been lost in unconsciousness? It seemed like only seconds ago that I had said my goodbye to Wanda. Had it really been long enough for Jared to be annoyed at me?

“Mel, its Jamie. Please wake up. We need you with us. Please, just open you eyes.” This voice filled my heart with as much love as Jared's had, but a different love, a love that was just as powerful, just different. Looking back of my life with Jamie, I think I've only heard his voice this vulnerable once before, and that was when he was faced with the realisation that he may lose to, what back then, was our enemies. It was when he admitted to being scared that I would lead the seekers to him and Jared, just as our father had once done. That was the closest cool that we'd ever truly had with the seekers, and the souls for that matter. (I was truly lucky to get Wanda as my soul, she knew what it meant to me human and to love people they way on a human could)

It fell silent around me, all I could hear was the breathing of me, Jared and Jamie. Then all of a sudden a hand stroked my left cheek. I could tell from the trail of fire that it left, that it was Jared's hand. And it was this, ever so simple, gesture that made my eyes flutter open. As my eyes opened and closer, as a reflex to the light in the room - even though it wasn't bright, it was obvious that my eyes had been free from any light for quite sometime - I felt two grips on my hands tighten.

“Mel. Your awake!” Jamie voice had risen several octaves, and the vulnerability that was in it before had disappeared, it was now filled with excitement and relief. Even though his simple statement had not be any kind of question, or require an answer, I felt a strange need to say something to him, I searched for my voice, but I simply couldn't find it. I just lay there, staring at him like some kind of moronic idiot. Before I could attempt to find my voice again, Jared had his hand on my cheek again. Even when I was perfectly fine, and before all this Wanda business, his touch had, had the ability to leave me speechless, so I had no chance of finding the words for Jamie now.

“Hey, baby” His voice had also risen several octaves, and his eyes were full of the emotion that couldn't be expressed through a tone of voice. This shocked me. Jared very rarely let his cool façade drop, but at this moment, his was totally exposed, emotionally. His eyes had a watery glaze, and a single tear-drop of his pure happiness, dropped down his cheek.

I needed to find my voice, but I couldn't. I just, couldn't but somehow I managed to fling my arms around Jared neck, pulling myself to a sitting position as I did this. I also dragged Jamie half up onto my cot as I did this because his hand refused to let mine out of his vice-like grip.

It felt like we sat there for hours before Jared pulled me back by my shoulders and just stared into my eyes. The room had become silent, all I could hear was my racing pulse which was caused by in intensity of Jared's watch. Jamie seemed to sense the intensity and brought it upon himself to extract it from the atmosphere with a enquiry about where his hug was. It wasn't quite reading to try my voice yet so I simply put my arms around Jamie and hugged him for a good five minutes. After the hug I stayed sitting up and just let my eyes flicker from Jared's face to Jamie's and back again.

It wasn't long before Doc entered the room and kindly greeted me.

“Melanie, your awake. Well, isn't that good. Do you want some water?” I still didn't feel ready to use words so I nodded simply. Doc passed Jared some water and he handed it to me. I sipped it slowly as I allowed my eyes to continue to flicker from Jamie's face to Jared's face, which was still full of emotion. I had half expected this to disappear at Doc's presence, but it didn't and I was glad. Jared didn't often show emotion but when he did, it felt like I was falling in love with him all over again.

“So, how are you feeling?” Doc asked. I decided it was time to test my vocals, and to enquire about my missing sister, Wanda.

“Lonely.” The word came out in a strange monotone, but I was relieved that I was actually about to talk. Everyone seemed to understand what I meant by my statement but I didn't expect the reaction I got from anyone. I wonder if Doc told them that she was planning on remaining on this planet for all eternity, buried underground with Walter and Wes? I'm sure Jamie and Jared wouldn't allow that, so I expected them to say something like she is on her way to the Flowers and Dolphins.

“Well...” Jared and Jamie said at the same time.

“Oh, please. Let me tell her, please. Please, please” Jamie sounded excited again and I couldn't for the life of comprehend why he was. He loved Wanda and much as I had grown to love her, as my sister. The lose of as loved one didn't normally allow us to feel emotions like excitement. It left a space in your heart that only the emotions of sadness, and grief could fill, a least only these emotions could fill it at first. Over time the space would fill out with the love you share with others who are still with you, but, I know I wasn't unconscious long enough for the hole to be filled already, it took months for the hole to fill. At some point in my metal rant about emotions, Jared must have motioned for Jamie to finish what they were about to say.

“Mel, we're gonna save Wanda. We're gonna find her another host. She gets to stay with us!” It was at this new development that I finally understood Jamie's excitement. He didn't have to grieve for the loss of a loved one, because there was no real loss. She was coming back to us. I was overwhelmed by emotions at this new development. Optimism. Joy. Hope. And most of all relief. I would 'see' my sister again.

“Thank you” was all I managed to choke out before I quickly sipped my water again. It was definitely lack of moisture in my body that was making it hard for me to find my voice.

“I'm so glad to have you back,” The sound of Jared's voice pulled all my attention to him. He rested his hand on my cheek as my head turned to meet his gaze. I felt a twinge of guilt as my concerns for Wanda, all but melted away with Jared's touch. He leaned his head towards mine and gently pressed is lips to mine, but the kiss had no time to deepen because Jamie was making a gagging sound at my side, that was in between giggles that made him seem 10 years old again.
wooow this is sooo good!!! please keep writing!!!
it gives me ideas ..
and widens my imagination !
thanks .. write some more !

how about the attachments ? i cant use them . help !

thanks again :)
Chapter 2
Disclaimer – dont own any character or setting.
After Doc checked me over, and gave me the all clear, Jared, Jamie and myself began to walk back to our room in the caves. I still had clear memories of what Wanda had seen so I knew the paths like the back of my hand.
From what I could see through the small cracks in the caves, it was deep into the night. My thoughts were confirmed when we reached the main plaza, and it was completely empty and only the glow of the blue light confirming our path to the sleeping quarters.
Jared and I walked hand in hand and Jamie bounced along beside us both. It suddenly came to me, the questions I had yet to ask anyone. How long had I been unconscious? How long had Jared and Jamie gone without sleep? There were a lot more questions that flooded my mind so I decided to start with a simple one.
“Aren't you two tired?” I asked, and turned my head off the direction of the floor and on to Jared face. I probably should have looked at Jamie, he showed tiredness on his face more than Jared does but now that my eyes had found Jared, I couldn't bring myself to look away from him. It was so nice to see his face with my own eyes that it felt like a physical impossibility to move my eyes away. His face looked like it had gained so much more beauty, even though I knew that his face hadn't changed all that much in the time we had spent apart.
“Jamie and I have been sleeping at different times of the day from the other. We've been watching over you and making sure that when you finally woke up, we could spend every minute of your waking hour with you.” Jared answered my question and met my gaze at the same time. The intensity in my eyes sent my heart into overload. I could have sworn that it would fly out my chest at any second.
We continued walking in silence as Jared and I still had each others eyes looked together. Not only had Jared stare sent my heart pumping so hard, I thought it would burst through my ribs, but he had made me forget every question I was going to ask. I knew that I had to brake the stare to be able to continue so I, reluctantly tore my eyes away and began to look at feet.
“How long was I out? I asked in a chilled out tone. I really didn't know why it mattered but I still wanted to know so I asked anyway. I had other questions but all I really needed to know was that everyone was okay, I mean, Jared, Jamie, myself, we were all fine. We were a newly reunited family again. And I now knew that my goodbye to Wanda wasn't my last, so all my other question had dwindled in importance.
A matter of moments after I thought about Wanda, my mind seemed to scream just one name. Ian. I felt a sudden wave of guilt flood over me, and when I say wave, it was more like a Tsunami. I had been concious for nearly three hours now and hadn't asked, or even thought about Ian, or how much pain he must be in right now.
“Hello. Earth to Melanie. Anybody home?” It was Jared voice the broke my train of thought about Ian.
“Sorry” I muttered.
“What you thinking about?” Jared asked, giving my hand a quick squeeze.
“Ian.” My voice was filled with a sadness that seemed to offend Jared, because he looked away from me very quickly.
“Oh...” I suddenly catch onto why Jared was upset, and before he could say anymore I interrupted him, to explain the nature of my thoughts on Ian.
“No. Oh, God no. I wasn't thinking about Ian. I just haven't asked about him. He must be devastated. She didn't even give him a proper goodbye, she just snuck out on him.” Jared seemed to accept my explanation and he turned his head back in my direction and gave my hand another quick squeeze. The corners of his mouth began to twitch up into and apologetic smile. He mouthed the word sorry, and I gave his hand a squeeze in recognition to this.
“He never leave her alone,” I had almost forgotten Jamie was with us until his interruption in mine and Jared secret apology. It took me a few seconds to understand what Jamie had said.
“Where is he?” I asked
“In his room, with her Cryotank. Like I said, he never leaves her. And he hasn't left his room in the two days since she was taken out of you. He only lets me go in a sit, anyone else gets kicked out rather quickly, even Jared.” As Jamie spoke his voice got sadder and sadder. He had recently spent a lot more time with Ian and he was begin to love him as a brother like he had come to love Jared when we found him. It was only Ian and Jamie that really wanted Wanda around this place. I knew that Jared would have happily gotten rid of her to have me. This made me feel sad and happy at the same time. It's like he would do anything for me, which made me feel like I was falling in love with him all over again, but I was sad that he would happily get rid of Wanda, who had become a sister to me in the year we had spent together in my body.
“Jeb has given him the okay, not to work for a few days, or 'til we get a host for Wanda,” Jared said.
“Does Ian want to choose? I don't think that we should choose for him, he has to live with her. I mean, in case you didn't know, they'll be together. She loves him, you know?” I suddenly felt like had violated Wanda's privacy. I mean people could tell others and they could go on to tell others, but know one had told me, I had been made to overhear, and to feel what Wanda said to Ian. Maybe I shouldn't have said anything. Oh well, to late now.
“I don't know,” Jared said “He won't talk to anyone. All he does is cling to her tank and sit in the corner of his room. Nobody can get through to him, not me, not Kyle. Jamie tried to get him to talk but nothing. I don't know what we're gonna do with him, until we get Wanda back. Which lead me to my question; You up for a raid to find her tomorrow? I thought it better sooner rather than later.”
“I couldn't agree more. Yeah, a raid would be good, but let me try and talk to Ian first. He might want to choose? He should get a choice.”
We finally reached out room, and it was set out with one single bed and one double mattress. As much as I loved Jamie, we were going to have to see if there was another place for him, I mean, it has been over a year since Jared and I have 'seen' each other.
“You can try” Jared said, in a voice that wasn't so convinced that I could get through to him. I was a little offended, why couldn't I?
Well, for one thing, Ian thinks that I wanted Wanda to leave, because she lied to everyone and said I wanted my body back. But I was gonna put that to the back of my mind and just see if I could get through to him and assure him that Wanda will return to us all.
It was only at this point that Doc's promise entered my mind. As Jared sat down on the end of the mattress and pulled me down with him, I fought back a swell of tears that had hit me. Doc had promised not to send Wanda away, or to put her back into a body on this planet. He had given her his oath that he would have her buried with Wes and Walter outside the caves. How was I meant to get around that? I had taken from the reactions and determination of both Jamie and Jared that Doc had not let on about his promise so how could we get her in a body, with no doctor to preform the surgery. Stuck, with no way out. I would have to live with out my sister and Ian would have to live without the woman she loved. I had to talk to Jared about this, but I couldn't say it in front of Jamie, if he didn't know, it would kill him.
“Jamie, would you mind going and getting me a snack. I'm starving.” I lied. Well, actually, thinking about it, I was kind of hungry, but I could wait. I just wanted Jamie out the way.
“Sure. What so you want? I think we still have a few Granola bars left from the last raid,” Jamie said as he got to his feet.
“That sounds lovely,” I said as Jamie got the door of the room. “Thanks.” I added as he left. As soon as I was sure that Jamie was out of earshot, I turned to Jared.
“I have to tell you something.” I said. Jared's face lost his perfect smile, and his expression set into one of worry.
“What?” He prompted, after I said nothing.
Chapter 3
Hope you enjoy...
“Wanda and Doc made a promise with each other that means we can't get her a new host, or at least it means that Doc won't put her into a new host.” I rushed the words, unsure that if I talked slowly, I would be able to keep my voice from catching.
“What do you mean? Of course he will. We talked about it. Maybe not directly to Doc, but we talked about it when he was around.”
“Believe me. Wanda made him give her a oath that he will have her buried with Wes and Walter.”
“What? Why would she do that?”
“Something about not wanting to be a parasite anymore. All she really thought about was how this was her planet and that she didn't want to take another life from anyone, in case they were still alive inside them like I was.” I couldn't keep my voice from catching now. Tear has began to stream down my face as I told Jared this. He seemed to remain calm throughout my explanation, and it made me a little angry. Why wasn't he upset about this? I mean, I know he wasn't Wanda biggest fan, but he cared about her. I could tell by the way he used to look at her.
“Don't worry” he says.
That done it. “Don't Worry!!! She was as good as my sister, Jared. How can I not worry!? She's as good as dead!!!” My voice echoed through out the caves, as I suddenly remembered that everyone else was sleeping I lowered my voice. “What am I meant to do? I can't do it again, go through the thought that I have lost my family. I've done it once, and I simply can't handle the pain of that again.” I was sobbing into my hands at this point, and I think for the first time since I had woken up, Jared and I weren't touching.
Jared quickly pulled me into his lap. He wrapped his arms around me and I threw my arms around his neck and sobbed into his chest.
“Hey now. I didn't mean that we were going to forget about Wanda and do nothing. Okay?” He pulled my face back so that our eyes met. I could see the sincerity in his eyes. He was going to help Wanda. But how?
“How?” I asked, as I tried to control my tears and sobs.
“I'm not sure yet. But, honestly, there has to be away. It might be as simple as asking Doc to do it.” My sobs had slowed, and I almost had them under control. I had my head hidden in Jared chest as he rubbed my back and tried to calm me.
“Are you okay now?” Jared asks the sobbing finally comes to a stop.
“Yeah. I think so.” I looked up at him, his face was full of concern for me.
“Good. We wouldn't want Jamie to see you like this. Best not tell him about this”
“Yeah. Thanks for letting me get it out. I think I need to go and speak to Ian now?”
“Are you sure? I mean, I'm not sure it you breaking down in front of him is gonna help? It might just reinforce the fact that Wanda gone,” Jared whispered in my ear.
“Yes, I'm sure. I think I just got all the crying out.” I pulled away from Jared, but his arms kept me on his lap. Then all of a sudden, his lips were forceful against mine. He had kissed me this way a thousand times, but the time apart seemed to make the kiss different. Before I knew it, I had pushed Jared back on to the mattress and was laying on top of him kissing him. We broke the kiss, but his lips never left my skin. As I tried to get my breathe back, his lips trailed down to my neck and back again. I could feel every inch of Jared's body pressed against mine, and felt like my entire body had been engulfed by flames, but I couldn't feel any pain, just pure please.
It was over all to quick when I heard Jamie begin to move the door away from the entrance. I got up very quickly, before Jamie could catch me and Jared on the bed, but Jared wouldn't let me leave his tight embrace. Before Jamie could get into the room I smoothed out my clothes and gave Jared a very quick kiss.
“I've been wanting to do that for so long. I've really missed you.” Jared whispered in my ear.
“Me, to” I whisper back, pecking him on the cheek. Jamie walked into the room with several granola bars and large bottle of water. He tossed me a bar and sat down on the edge of the single mattress. He opened a bar for himself and offered Jared one, to which Jared declined. I quickly finished my bar and ate the spare one Jamie had brought. I took a quick swig of water and got up out of Jared lap.
“Where you off to” Jamie asked.
“She's gonna see if she can talk to Ian, right?”
“Absolutely” I agreed
“Well, even though he's not talking he does sleep, so you might want to wait until first light to go and see him.” Jamie had just pointed out the obvious. I had totally spaced on the fact that it was sometime around four am, and most people slept until the sun woke them. I had guessed the time from how the sky had lightened just slightly since the last time I looked through the holes in caves.
“Oh, yeah. I forgot about the time. I guess I'll wait a while then.” I sat back down and Jamie yawned.
“Why don't you get some sleep. I take it Jeb hasn't been letting you slack off with your chores
“No.” Jamie said matter – of – factly.
“Good,” I replied “then sleep so you can be of some use. Your be no good if you pass out while your job.”
“Okay,” Jamie said as he pulled of his top and laid down on his bed and closed his eyes. It only took a matter of minutes before I heard the small snores radiate from Jamie.
Jared and I layed back on to out mattress eventually. We layed cuddled up, and I rested my head on his chest. I way running my finger along the planes of his chest when Jared spoke again.
“I love you.” he said out of the blew
“I love you too.” I said as I pulled my head back to kiss him on the lips. “What was that for?” I ask as I lay my head on his shoulder.
“I don't know. I just haven't said it to you in a while. It feels good to say it.” He says as he kisses the top of my head. Just laying here in Jared's arms was my idea of perfection. I would feel fulfilled in my life if I stayed here forever. We layed in each others arms in silence, until Jared begins to snore. The sound it like music to my ears, I heard the sound threw Wanda's ears, but the clarity of the sound in my ears makes this night perfection. I have everything I could ever want, except Wanda, who I would have very soon.
As I see dawn break, I decide that I will go and see Ian now. Even if he's not awake, I'll just wait outside the room until he does wake. I climb out of Jared's arms, making sure I don't wake him. I silently walk down the corridors of the caves as I listen to the sounds of everyone waking. I walk past several rooms and hear chatter, but nobody is out of their rooms yet. Eventually I get the door of Ian's room. I remove the door as quietly as I can, and I find Ian in the furthest corner of the room with the small tank cradled in his arms. He was wide awake and he was just staring at the glowing red light that told people that the tank was in use. He hadn't noticed me, or hadn't wanted to notice me so I walked into the room a little more and announced my presence with a simple “Hello.”
please please have a chapter four !
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i love it!!! it's really good but please could you post chapter 4 here cuz my computer doesn't have the program to open the file and i can't wait to see what happens between melanie and ian!!
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