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I don't know if I am right,but Burns (from the Fire Planet) is alike Edward. So I thougt he could be Wanda's future. What do you think?

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i think he would be like jacob to bella, he will be her best friend and she will feel confused but at the end she will stay with ian.. that's what i think
i agree with you :D
Hmm, I dunno...he seems a little old, don't you think? Though I suppose age to a soul means nothing, but his host is definitely old, isn't it?
I think, if anything, Burns might fall for Wanda, but not the other way around, not even like how Bella got confused over her feelings for Jacob. I don't think Wanda will feel anything besides friendship for Burns, but that's just what I think. =)
i think so to. i mean wandas in love with ian. and i think it will always be like that. i do think burns will be a really close friend.
um but Wanda has Ian now...i don't want to...i like Ian already for her...
I agree. No need to add anymore additions after all that's happened haha. I would be shattered if either of them went another way without a good cause .. I mean, the "thing" between Jared and Wanda was forced onto them by thing's they never had a choice about eg, Jared already loving Melanie and Wanda being intertwined with Melanie they were indeed "one person" for a time. That's gotta leave a mark heh.
i don't think that' even going to be an issue
ian is her partner and that's that... maybe burns will add color to her life but burns will never be like ian. ian is a human who fell in love with a soul... despite everything. i don't see how you anyone top that.
infareness, you made an issue of a thing that never came to mind in the host.
I think burns is like Edward but i think that she also wrote this book to be like a jacob and bella book. I think burns is like edward and wanda is like bella and ian is like Jacob.
I dont't like to compare The Host with Twilight 'cause it's soo different, i mean yeah there's a love story but so different, well that's what i think so i'm just waiting to see if SM writes a sequel and i hope we all be very surprised when that happens
I agree, its hard to match up these characters between both stories. I do think that if she does write a second one, that something will happen with Burns. I can see Wanda and Burns going on missions together and becoming very close, and Ian getting extremely jealous since he cannot relate to her quite like Burns will be able to. Burns and Wanda already have The Fire Planet in common and I'm sure they will explore all of that more. I really dont think there will be as many feelings left for Jared as she grows in this new body; maybe a soft spot for him, but I'm sure she'll have her hands full with Ian and Burns. Which is why this story is too complicated to act like Ian is Edward and Burns is Jacob and etc. Its only like Twilight because of the love triangle that I'm almost sure will happen.


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