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I don't know if I am right,but Burns (from the Fire Planet) is alike Edward. So I thougt he could be Wanda's future. What do you think?

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Wow. Omg. That was EXACTLY what I was thinking too! I just have a feeling that the sequel "the soul" will be a lot about Burns and Wanda. Seems kinda obvious, because of the name: the SOUL. Burns is a soul. And the book ended with Burns. But we can be wrong, because Stephenie's full of surprises, lol!
She always surprises us, doesnt she? Like did I ever think that Edward and Bella would have a baby?? NEVER came across my mind. Who knows what she'll do with The Host, or should I say The Soul, lol...I turn into such a little girl when it comes to this stuff. I can just feel something happening to Ian, too..which makes my stomach turn just thinking about it..ahhhhhh..
Yeah, but I really really hope that nothing will happen to him... Not Iaaaan! :'(
and P.S. I'm new to this website and I would like some friends on here, lol. None of my friends read these books, and it would be nice to talk about the books and compare ideas and opinions..its lame I know, but feel free to add me.
Yeah, I really don't think Burns Living Flowers and Wanderer are going to be like Edward and Bella. Definitely more like a really good friend she can actually relate to and vice versa. Wanda isn't going to leave Ian hanging I don't think. It's just not her personality.
wanda love ian... burn jz another soul that hv same perspective with wanda, that they do love human...
i dont think so. burns will be merely a friend to wanda. she has found her true love in ian, and he cant change that


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