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Casting Round-Up For “The Host’s”

Ian and Jared

Variety reports that casting is in progress to fill the leading male roles of “The Host.”

From Variety: Liam Hemsworth (“The Hunger Games”), Kit Harington (“Game of Thrones”), Jai Courtney (“One Shot”) and Max Irons (“Red Riding Hood”) will test for the role of Jared, Melanie’s boyfriend. Dane DeHaan (“In Treatment”), Thomas McDonnell (“Prom”), Augustus Prew (“The Borgias”) and Ronan’s “Lovely Bones” co-star Jake Abel will test for the role of Ian, a menacing young man who brutalizes Wanderer before falling in love with her.

1. Liam Hemsworth

2. Kit Harington

3. Jai Courtney

4. Max Irons

1. Dane DeHaan

2. Thomas McDonnell

3. Augustus Prew

4. Jake Abel






1. Saoirse Ronana

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Okay. What I see there all good looking guys, but what I'm seeing is that Melanie/Wandered is a young girl. So for the guys which in the books are so different for JARED choice I want it to be

1. Liam Hemsworth ; 4. Max Irons


and for IAN choice it would be


2. Thomas McDonell ; 4. Jake Abel


So that my choice what your choice??

I think JARED should be played by 1. Liam Hemsworth and IAN should be played by 4. Jake Abel.


Hiya, Angel! :D

Jake is already chosen for the part of Ian. Hope you're as happy as I am. :D

As for Jared - he's gonna be portrayed by Max Irons. I imagined Jared completely different but hey it's all my fault - I should give the movie makers access to my head. LOL XDDDD

As for Jared - Liam would be good (although I'd prefer his older brother, hehe). Kit - no way. I've seen him in GoT and, sorry Kit, his acting abillities didn't impress me. Jai - no idea. I know him only from Spartacus: Blood and sand, he was good but I can't stop thinking about him only as Varo. I don't know Max but by looking at him I'd say - NO. Too cute.



Jake Abel looks the most Ianish, must check Thomas McDonnell 'cause I can't see his face on this pic. The rest - please, God, no...


PS Thomas checked - another way too cute guy. No, thank you. So my choice from all above is Jake Abel. Hope he can act. :D


I've said that before - Saoirse is fantastic choice. :)

Thanks AgiK for commenting.
hmmm..for Jared def. Max Irons. For Ian Jake Abel but I think it should be Ian somerhalder.
Oh. I never thought of Ian Somerhalder as Ian. This sounds funny. Ian and Ian. But I see Ian Somerhalder as Ian brother instead.

At first I thought Somerhalder is not the best choice. After a while I realized he'd be perfect. Doesn't matter he's not tall and build like Ian from the book should be. Those eyes... Ahmm...

Never the less I'm sure we'll accept anyone who'll play Ian as long as he does his job well. :)

True. But the way Ian acts a Damon. I see him as mean, rude, dumb, murder. That why I see as Ian brother.which I forgot hes name.

The name is Kyle.

Actually Ian can play more than 'more interesting older brother of main character', check out his other movies, I'm sure you'll see what I mean. :)

True. But Ian has the hottest features. But for me he still looks mean. But that my Opinion. Oh Well.

I know the name thing is cool...but no I still think he'd be great for Ian



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