The Twilight Saga

He treated Wanda/Mel horribly.
i loved Wanda so much, she was so caring and sweet.
he was just so nasty to her!

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totally! ..
omg yeah i totally wanted to punch him but i still love him to!!!!!!!!!!!! they should make a movie and taylor lautner should be jared and alex meraz should be ian.........
at the begginig, with all the memories and stuff, i liked him, but when he punched her then continued the violence, i hated him, and i still do. TEAM IAN <3
Yeah he was a jerk! I understand he was upset about Melanie, but even after he got to know Wanda he was still a jerk for the most part. I loved it when Ian plowed him in the nose! He needed to do more than that!
Yeah, I guess in a way it's true but... I still wanted to punch him at times :P

Most of the time I can justify it for him even if I feel really bad for Wanda, but there are a few moments where he acts so screwin selfish and blind I feel like hunting him down and punching him in the guts.

he is sooooooo mean to wanda!
I'm soooo glad I've met more people who feel the same!!

When he was so horrid to Wanda/Mel I felt sooo bad for them, they loved him and he was being horrible to them!
Honestly, I liked jared until he came back from the first raid. I almost stopped reading the book because of him. He was horrible. But I know Stephanie's writing style and decided he will come around. He has to, like Jacob and the werewolves the the Twilight series. He made them look like Saints though.
I did at first but then, I wondered how I'd feel if the roles were reversed. Imagine you were Wanda, and Ian was taken away from you and had a Soul inserted into him. How would you react to that when deep inside you, you already thought that Ian had been erased and replaced by this 'imposter'? I may be a Soul but I'd want to punch him into oblivion just like what Jared did to Wanda. Add to that, imagine someone else falling in love with him in front of you? Jared had the hardest part to fill. I pitied him actually.


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