The Twilight Saga

He treated Wanda/Mel horribly.
i loved Wanda so much, she was so caring and sweet.
he was just so nasty to her!

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Cant he leave melanie alone? or be with her or sumthing?
Yes, I did want to punch jared at times. Especially when he was trying to make Ean jealous, when Melonie, and Wanda still loved Ean
I know right, it got annoying, at times, like i really wanted to punch him. But, i still lve his character
yes, there were times i wish Jared would get punched, but if you look at it from his perspective, the person he loved got turned in to something that might kill him, so it must have been hard to deal with, but he still treated Wanda/Mel terribly
yes but he was the one who saved her in the end." doc:everyone caves to duress, wanda. Jared: Duress? Doc: i think a knife to the throat counts as duress, jared." i love the fact that he did that. it shows how kind he is. he was the only one that could save her cause he was the only one who knew.
This is very true
i have never wanted to kill Jared, just hurt him, and make him know and understand and not to like be so annoying, but lovable , and like frusterating!
Yes. But he has reasons.
True, he has reasons, but he needed to like stop and try to understand Wanda's and Melanie's point of view
i dont like jared cause he hit her. yer i get he would be angry cause he thought she was some kind of monster who stole the life of the girl he loved but he shouldnt of hit her soul or no soul its still mels body how could he do that. he was so mean. i hated it
YES!!!!!!!!! He was such a jerk to her when she didnt even do anything wrong!!!!!!!!!
i agree with you shelby, it isnt fair, but also very fair


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