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Hey guys! Okay I am reading The Host over again for like the 50th time and I wanted to know is there ever a part in the book that got you at least a little teary eyed? It doesn't matter how many times I read the book I always cry in the same spots! (I am very emotional when I read books lol)


Like I always cry when Wanda is planning to go away so Mel can come back and Ian tries to beg her to stay! He shows so much compassion for her I find it mind-bloggling!


Anyone else? Post your parts of where you cried lol

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I cried a lot of times, and I don't really cry much but it was impossible not to cry or at least get teary-eyed in this book! When walter died. when wes died. when wanda wanted to sacrifice herself for melanie, when that made Ian heartbroken... and many many other parts!
I know there so many times where you couldn't help but cry. I had to put the book down becuz I couldnt see during Wanda's goodbyes, and of coarse when Ian was heart broken. I know there were so many parts.
I get teary-eyed whenever I read the memories Melanie shows Wanderer. Especially the one when her and Jared are saying their goodbyes. I also got worked up when Jamie was talking to Wanderer and he learns that Melanie's still there. Hmm... and of course when Wanderer was saying goodbye to Ian. I was balling like a baby when Wanderer and Melanie were saying goodbye.
Oh my goodness me too. The thing that tore me up the most was Ian being heartbroken I bawled like a baby and couldn't stop. But I really did cry when Walter died and Wes. There were just so many people dying!
I know... and the saddest part was that the goodest ones died, the one who had accepted her and everything :'(
Aww Walter and Wes!! I did cry harder when Wes died because it was so unexpected. I knew Walter wasn't going to survive. But poor Wes, and then I felt so bad for Lily!
I know, why Wes? :'( he was so kind, and finally when Lily noticed him and got to know him the stupid seeker killed him :( by the way hace you seen the sims 2/3 version of the host? haha it's awesome, I just watched her last part and I can't wait for the next one :D it's so fun to see the characters come alive.. or at least kinda!
I haven't seen them! I'll have to search for the videos. I have so many Host fanmade videos on my site's youtube channel. lol
me too! people must think I'm a freak or something, but it's really good. in the first episode I didn't like Mel's voice, it was too high-pitched and whiny, but it got a lot better later :)
Cool, thanks! I'll have to check it out.
haha (Y) :DD
I know that part was so hard becuz she was finally starting to notice him! He sure was kind and friendly


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