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personaly I liked Ian..he is very cute!!!
jared got into my nerves with his behaviur...

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well, I really like Ian, he's so good person!^^ but jared was so in love with mel, that i did never considerate the jared/wanda couple... and i didn't think on the ian/wanda couple until he started to talk to her and protect her... i thought, when ian protects wanda the first time, that stephenie was going to make ian to fall in love with wanda...

i dunno, i sorta saw wanda and mel as the same person, sorta like jamie, i know wanda ended up loving ian, but because of mel she was pure in love with jared, i think i'll have to re-read the book.
Ian for a life!His behavior reminds me so much about Edward!But still Edward is better!
i prefer Ian in every single way .. as i said before .. he is the human perfection .. ilovehim!<3
I loved Ian! He is so sweet and dashing. Jared was a real jerk most of the time, even after he got to know Wanda. Ian is the man, the story wouldn't have been nearly as interesting without him.
You have to think about it in the way Stephenie Meyer intended, so don't just go aound saying "I HATE Jared." Think about it this way, You're in love with a guy that happens to be kidnapped and is turned into someone else and then all of a sudden your leader finds him but doesn't want to kill the beast inside of him, Instead he wants you to protect him from being killed. Then if you find out that he is still inside trying to find a way out, what would you do? Ignore him some more or try to get thorugh to tell him you still love him, even if that means having to take care of what you think is a beast for taking over him. So would you still think being mean to a soul that has practically killed the man you loved, is such a crime? But still in the end Jared is nice to her, even when Melanie is back.
I <3 Ian! he is SO much better than Jared. Team Ian 4life!
Ian was such a kind-hearted, understanding character! He truly loved Wanda for who she was. Jared was kind of a douche. He was so hateful to Wanda, and would have killer her if it got Melanie back, even though poor Wanda adored him.
Well said denisse, human perfection!
ian just wants wanda to his self he wont let her do anything besides with out mel and jared they would never got together


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