The Twilight Saga

personaly I liked Ian..he is very cute!!!
jared got into my nerves with his behaviur...

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well i agree with u abt him not letting her do much, but that is because he loves wanda and doesn't want any harm to come to her. In my opinion that makes ian one of the best characters in the book.
I really liked the story with ian. I can't imagine the book without him. He is just so nice and loving as well as understanding towards Wanda. He also always respects Melanie even though she is always being so mean to him.
If anyone has read the bonus chapter to the host u would realize that Ian truly does care for wanda. Jared does too but he only starts to care for wanda only at the end of the book when Wanda tells him that she is going to sacrifice herself for Melanie! Ian is the bomb!


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