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Hey guys! Okay I am reading The Host over again for like the 50th time and I wanted to know is there ever a part in the book that got you at least a little teary eyed? It doesn't matter how many times I read the book I always cry in the same spots! (I am very emotional when I read books lol)


Like I always cry when Wanda is planning to go away so Mel can come back and Ian tries to beg her to stay! He shows so much compassion for her I find it mind-bloggling!


Anyone else? Post your parts of where you cried lol

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I know :'( poor lily too!
I didn't cry while reading The host. I love the book but crying...? No, I need something more to move me. It's just... if I only had a little doubt that Stephenie will end the book without happy ending then I'll probably feel sad about Wanda wanting to die on Earth. But since I know Stephenie writes happy endings... no.
I cried like crazy when was reading Phillip Pullman's His dark materials (the third part - oh God, I was so crying I couldn't stop). Stephenie never made me cry... for now. Will see in the future. :)
Lol :) I see. I guess I am just a softy lol. But I have seen a lot of things and I lost my fiancee a couple months back so I think I am more subseptable to things such as people dying, people giving them selves up to let someone else be happy, broken hearts,risking it all, and people leaving.

Thank you for sharing you comment:)
Amanda, it can be. I'm sorry that you lose your fiance. Maybe it makes you a bit softer. Or maybe it just me needing something really hard to make me cry, you never know.
Maybe you're more sensitive. And that's not a bad thing at all! If there were no ppl who have feelings like you the world would be hard to stand.
Today I almost cried. Someone left his puppy in the street, just like that. And two girls wanted to take the puppy home but their mother shriecked "NO!!!". My boss took the doggy. I was so relieved (I couldn't take puppy myself :() I almost cried. The only thing that stopped me from crying was crowd of ppl watching the scene when those girls were saying "goodbye" to doggy. Agh... now I can cry. When it comes to animals I'm really soft.
Well thank you. I think maybe I have always been a softy at heart lol. And I never thought of it that way. Thats a good way of looking at it. Thank you for giving me a another to think of it and look at it.
Awe that is truly sad. :o :( remember sometimes its good to cry. I am glad someone took the puppy though, poor thing. And its okay to have soft spots :/:)
It is okay. And it's great we react on same things in a different way. If we all were the same... we would be souls XDDD And we wouldn't have anything to discuss about. ;-)
Lol. Very very true XD:) I do find the great too!:)
Me and Nadine were actually laughing at this idea once. Imagine forum with souls... and their, ahm, conversations.
I wonder if they pass in their convos behind the weather talk. Everything except that would be probably dangerous to cause argument, something souls hate. ;)
Yes I cried like a baby calling for her mommy while I was reading the part where Ian and Wanda are saying goodbye and ian refuses to let her go so he kisses her etc.... When she's going through the tunnel and jared finds her and he wants to go with her but she wants to do it alone so they say goodbye... God i cried a lot there.
I also cried like a baby when Wanda wakes up in her new body and Ian tells her "I held you in my hands, you're beautiful". I cried all the time while I was at the end of the book and it's the first time I cry reading a book....
Awe! That is totally like me. I was so frustrated when Wanda didn't want to hear what Jared had to say during that part. I cried like a baby to when Ian says that- it was so sweet and touching!
I didnt cry but I did have my litttle moments. For ex: when wanda is saying goodbye to Ian! when wes dies, when jamie crys with wanda.


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