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i personally think jamie is sweet innocent and how coul u not love the kid??if a jamie existed i could fall un love with him

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i dont know.... yes, he is sweet innocent and bla bla bla.. but.. im a girl and i havent think of jamie in that way..until now. haha.. im not in love with him but i want to have little brother like probably someone could fall in love with himm...
maybe... he's like a younger version of ian because they're both so sweet but i don't know because the first time you know about him in the book he's 9 and then when wanda arrives to the caves he's 14 so i always think of him as a little boy... for his personalty of course i wuld fall in love with him but he's too young.... that's why i' in love with ian!!!
haha i agree...^_^
maybe i'll have a little crush on Jaime if i'm a girl of 10 or older : D
yes i could haha. but when you read the book, you dont get that feeling like BAM right away because wanda has a more paternal angle of looking at him so you cant help but first looking at him, as you read, in a brotherly way
totally, just by the way the book discribes him. How much he can open his heart and how he always wants to so people how mature he is.
jamie acted real maturely for his supposed age... and i'm a sucker for mature guys... do the math.:-)
Same here same here
i would totaly fall in love with him! hes sweet caring and innocent! how can u not?!?! :P i wish i had a jamie!! <3
Ok jamie is the cutiest boy ever and I'm a girl but if he went to my school we would be cutst couple in the yearbook and he is so caring and generis I would never let him go :-( to bad he's not real oh well
im his age and he seems awsome so definatly
ya i would have fallen in love with Jamie.
Hmmm... interesting. Never thought about im in that way becauuse he was writen as a little brother not a bf or something. it all has to do w/ how he was written


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