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I dont feel the connection like between Edward and Bella. When Melanie and Jared first met he just kissed her because he hadn't seen another human in such a long time, and then they fall in love? :l

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I think they like each other a lot and that they would still be friends if they weren't the last humans on Earth. But I don't think they are truly in love; I just think that maybe it's like a short relationship kinda thing.
i agree that it's not like edward and bella, but i think that it still is really strong. at first it seems like they don't really...idk, love each other as much, but still, jared loves mel even though she was "taken"
i don't think they fellin love just beacuse they were the only people left on earth..
because in the book somewhere.. melanies says she doesnt want jared to fell llike she likes him just cuz they are the other ppl left on earth.. and jared jus didnt wanna ehem her.. he knew she was a teen.. so they had boundaries..
and ian and wanda's love seems stronger beacuse its talked about the most through the book.. jared and melanies love is jus breifly touched here and there.... but you can tell they love each other.. when melanie was lost.. jared lost it.. he didnt wanna loose her.. its bacuse jared hated the aliens soo much.. thaz why he fliped half the time.. melanie's love for jared was expressed with all those flashes she gave wanda.. i mean .. damn wanda was in love with jared all beacuse of melanies flashes.. thaz how strong the attraction is.. sooo no i dnt think they jus fell in love cuz they were the last ones on earth..
Thank you!!! Finally someone gets it lol
Again... thank you! I mostly hear how people love the relationship between Wanda and Ian so much, but I've gotta tell you, I was always the biggest fan of Jared and Mel!
are u serious peeps? i think their love is soooooooo strong!! even stronger than ian and wanda!! like come ondid u even read the book.......did u see how much jared suffered seeing mel with a soul in her?? and too he kissed wanda how many times just to get a little response from mel.....that seems really strong to me...
that is sooooo true! i mean how can Jared love Mel so much if he is kissing Wanda all the time and telling her he loves her aswell

i dont think yuh can love two people at once in a non-platonic way
and he is always looking at her towards the end and Mel is sometimes touching Ian's arm
I think the Melanie/Jared love is just as strong the Bella/Edward love. I mean the way Jared handels losing Melanie is very similar to the way Bella handels Edward leaving. He dosen't jump off cliffs but his whole existance seems to be centerd around taking care of Jamie, kinda how Bella takes care of Charlie.

Also a couple kisses from Jared brings Melanie from the brink of non-existance to a screaming fury.
Stephenie described it like flames burning when they touched eachother, so I think it was quite strong^^ Like REALLY
I think it is strong but if you remember over time they got to know eachother better like Edward and Bella... Edward didn't know much about Bella when he first fell in love with her ( and like-wise with Bella) and thats the same with Jared and Mel
i think their love was really strong.. at the begining he only kissed her because he hadn't seen a human in a long time but he fell in love after that... and he loved her very much that's why he said "melanie will always be mine and i'll be hers"
yes jared and Mel love is strong stronger then wanda/Ian think about it Ian was alway worrie that wandawold leave him

and wanda felt felt moreless the same way Mel/Jared been through alot and thier love for each other kept them going


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