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I dont feel the connection like between Edward and Bella. When Melanie and Jared first met he just kissed her because he hadn't seen another human in such a long time, and then they fall in love? :l

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I dont think hes worried about that, hes worried about Wanda, and not by the fact that she will leave him :)
well yes it is strong but we just can't tell in the Host...we need other books to see how far thier love will go.
Wow! I thought the connection between Jared and Mel was AMAZING! In fact, I sorta wish the story would have at least included their reunion at the end!
yes i agree with you
I kinda agree with that :) I wonder if they would fall in love, or even notice each other if they would meet in for example a mall.
Dont get me wrong, Im not doubting their bonds are strong after those years, but Im curious what would have happened if they would meet when there was peace, when they had other choices
Love between Mel and Jared must be strong. Otherwise Mel would kill him for threating her body badly when there was Wanda inside it and Mel still could feel punches or throwing her at wall.
And let's not forget about one thing - survivals would feel much stronger bonded that we do. We don't live as last ppl on the Earth. During war ppl mostly felt about each other stronger than in times of peace, same situation is here.
Besides between Jared and Mel's first meeting and the moment Wanda is put inside Mel's body there are 4 years of growing love. The first crush, the hardest moment of falling in love is behind them. After full 4 years they learned each other and their bond is intense 'cause they're not only lovers, they're also a family, the only ppl they know. It's bonding, really.
Although I don't like Jared at all I do understand that the connection between him and Mel is very strong.
I couldnt agree with you more jare and Mel love is strong thay wht kept her strong not fading away I do like Jared
he strong and he does wha needs to be done he was broken when mel didnt come back he was dieing in the inside and then have her come back with Wanda in her.


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