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I dont feel the connection like between Edward and Bella. When Melanie and Jared first met he just kissed her because he hadn't seen another human in such a long time, and then they fall in love? :l

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i think that Ians and Wandas love is alot stronger than mels and jareds. like you said i think they just fell in love because they thought they were the only people left on earth.........
You don't feel the connection between Edward and Bella??? Do you mean Melenie and Jared? I feel the connection between them. They have a love that is complicate but when is love not? I guess it helps that they were the "last man and women on earth" but i don't think thats all of it. They really do love each other
no i see th connection between Edward and bella, just that jared seems to only want mel because they were the only humans left on earth. i don't think that he would love her if there was no invasion.
Same, because first they wouldn't have met. Second they aren't the only humans on earth anymore. I don't feel the connection either.
woooh another sane person :P
I dont feel it
I think Stephenie needs to write another book to describe how really deep Mel & Jared's love is. Edward & Bella had four books so we could all connect to their irrevocable love. We don't feel it as strongly in The Host because there's only so much you Stephenie can put in one book.
steph said that there will be sequels but you might have to wait two years before she even starts to write it.
i agree.......i dont really feel the same connection as between edward and bella as betweed melanie and jareed, but i do feel i as between wanda and the other man that she falls in l,ove with
I also feel the connection with Wanda and Ian...
no I feel that they only connected BECAUSE they were some of the last few humans
I think that Melanie loves Jared more then he loves her. i think he only liked her cause she was pretty and the whole last man last women on earth thing. hes a jerk.


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