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I mean, seriously, I don't think he did. I think a part of him really felt that way for Wanda, but he just didn't realise it until he found out that she was more or less going to kill herself.
So, any ideas?

This is my first FF: please check it out and tell me what you think!

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I totally agree with you,
but a little thing to add.
Jared probably [I'm not intirely sure, just a though]
had done that to Doc for Melanie, too.
He knew how Wanda felt about being a 'parasite'.
From that, he probably figured out that she was going
to end her life and he also knew how close Wanda and Mel were,
if Wanda ended her life then Mel would be upset.
I totally agree with you. He did it both for Wanda and Mel.
Also I think he did as all we humans would do in such circumstances - just smth right and moral.
He's human first of all - he can be compassionate and understanding - and he owed her.
and eventually, after all they've been through, he started to understand her, to appreciate her and to love her
Jared did care about Wanda. Not the same kind of love he felt for Melanie. He wanted Melanie back more than anything but he didn't want Wanderer to die.
yes, i agree^^
i think that he lied cuz he still wasnt over mel and was more or less friends with her and cared for her because of mel.
so, you really think he lied?
And what about that "I'm not done"-stuff and "his arms tightened around my waist"(or something like that)?
i dont think he lied.... he just wasnt aweare of his fealings for wona... and its not like he wanted wonda over mel, he still loved mel more than anyone in the world, he just aslo developed feeings for wonda... wonda talks about her catching herself looking at jared after her reinsition and him looking at her every now abd then.... hes not in love with her like with mel but he does love her for everything she did for mel and everyone else...
yes, i think that's the kind of love Jared has for Wanda
nope, he was saying the truth, he'll miss her
i think he was lying.Iits just that Jared is soo awesome that it seamed that it was real!! lol and he did it because i mean she was about to give up her life to give him back his girl...he had to repay her some way and i uess that was the only way he thought how
I think when he begged Wanda to stay, he really meant it. She thought he was finished, before she could walk off Jared
kept begging. I believe that he really did care for Wanda.
I think maybe a small part of him felt something for Wanda, but it wasn't anywhere near what he felt for Mel. I think he more or less was grateful to Wanda for what she was going to do, and there was part of him that would miss her, but getting Melanie back was a priority over keeping Wanda...


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