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I mean, seriously, I don't think he did. I think a part of him really felt that way for Wanda, but he just didn't realise it until he found out that she was more or less going to kill herself.
So, any ideas?

This is my first FF: please check it out and tell me what you think!

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i dont think he lied he really did care about wanda he just didn't want to admit it to himself or anyone else for that matter. he just didn't realize until the last minutes when it really counted
i mean, i sort of think he feels that way. he was around her so much. and she actually started to become a little bit like melanie herself,i mean she would because melanie was talking inside her could she not. so maybe he wasnt lying.
he totally lied... because after wanda got a new host he was staring at her. he definitely had something for wanda and not just for melanie
People, Jared was like in confusion coz wht do you expect? the girl who he loved could be in there and after a long time he realises it and the nature of Wanderer, so how do you except him to react? He must be in confusion but isnt giving up on Melanie but you could say he really appreciate Wanderer or something.
You have it right. it is so obvious that there is no pint to this discussion.
i agree i think he might of thought that he was lying but i think there was some truth to it lol
I totally agree, i think he wasn't lying
I agree with some of this, but it doesn't matter what happens, if the body you love comes to you, even with another mid, you wll still love that body, won't you? It doesn't matter what happened at the beginning he has always loved wanda.
I definitely think he loved Wanda, but not in the way he loved Melanie. So no, i don't think he lied. I think even Melanie ended up loving/caring for Ian in her own way too. Just the way Wanderer describes in the end - the way Melanie would be off in her own thoughts and catch herself touching Ian absently, or Wanderer would catch herself staring at Jared in a strange way and vice versa. They all ended up mixed up in this odd love square that by the end, i think it would have been strange if they didn't feel that unique bond.


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