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I mean, seriously, I don't think he did. I think a part of him really felt that way for Wanda, but he just didn't realise it until he found out that she was more or less going to kill herself.
So, any ideas?

This is my first FF: please check it out and tell me what you think!

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yes, i agree ^^
OMG YES! i totally agree with HELENA
He loved both but loved Mel with all his heart. I believe he loved Wanda more as a sister, close friend type deal.
As a sister?? yeah of course that's why he kissed her that passionate...
i agree with you he never really thought about how he felt for her only his love
i think he had a plan all along. he wanted mel back then they would go and find wanda another body (Pet's)
yeah i think he wasn't lying.
i think he loved wanda, just not in THAT way.
but i know he obviously cared for her.
And as for saving her, he did that for everyone.
they need her for the raids and such..
and for ian, since they were in love.
and for mel, because they loved each other...
so i know he really did love her.
OK, i am sure jared didn't love her nearly as much as he loved mel. I think he loved her as a sister and a friend. He was grateful to her and knew everyone needed her, and knew she was good friends with mel, and more than anything he wanted to keep both mel and wanda. But he was willing to loose wanda to keep mel. SOOOOO when wanda asked him to lie most of it wasn't a lie when he said he wished wanda could stay and that he loved her. But when he kissed her he just got out of control because he was so attached to mels body. And then he maybe just wasn't ready to say goodbye when he said wait, because he knew he would never see her again because he would be dead by the time she got out of the crytotank. anyway thats why he freaked when he found out doc was gonna let her die, because he could barely stand letting go away for mels sake let alone DIE. so really her getting a new host was THE BEST SOLUTION :)
I think he wasn't lying... I think he was really thinking about melanie when he said it though. As in, wanda is the only way Jared can... somewhat be with melanie.
I think he was trying to lie to her, and maybe he started to love her as well.. just in a different way that he loved melanie.
she opened alot of opportunities to them when he began to trust her.

it was very sweet of him to tell her the things he told her..
i agree with you, i think he did felt somthing for wanda but i think he knew that she was going to kill herself thats why he followed wanda and ian.i think he put the knife to doc's throat because he didn't want to lose wanda.


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