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Is there life out there who so desperately wants to survive, that they are willing to take over another civilization to do so. After reading the host I will always wonder about that little voice in my head.....???

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I agree with you Jeannette, my little voice comes up with all sorts of answers,read the Host Twice will now read for a third time. As I found it sooo fascinating, hope there is a saga building like Twilight!
It does make you think, however it probably comes down to what you believe spiritually. I believe in a Heavenly Father who created countless worlds similar to ours, but there's nothing I've ever learned that would lead me to believe that he would allow other worlds to interfere with ours (we have enough to contend with). I think one of the most important principles we operate on in our world is "Agency" -- the freedom to make choices. And by that choice we are then accountable for our actions. We learn things that we could never otherwise learn through choosing. Part of the purpose for our life here (I believe) is to test what we will do when we are pulled in opposite directions. Will we choose good or evil? That being said, I'm pretty certain the Lord wouldn't allow beings from another planet to "take over" our minds. It would be something we couldn't control and would be counterproductive to the aforementioned purposes. Our ability to make choices would be nullified.

That little voice inside your head? Usually urges you to make good choices...unless it's pestering you to eat more chocolate, then -- don't listen! :)
Yes, i agree...
Besides there aren't any verses in the Bible that speaks about aliens. ^_^
LOL... I would like to meet beings from other planets (if they exist...), but just if they don't want to control the world, maybe someone like Wanda would be nice (LOL) But you're right... maybe we've got "someone" inside our heads... The Host is a great book! I'm reading it for the forth time!!!
I think there is some form of life out there beside us.. But i agree with you.. I had to reread the 1st couple of chapters a few times to really understand.. Then I had A LOT of questions going on in my head!! So Ya, I know how you felt. I believe she is making it into a trilogy.. With the next ones are called The soul and The Seeker I believe.. She said she might not do it through.. We'll have to wait and see!!
i don't believe there's aliens out there trying to invade us, i think that if there were someone out there they would have already come and take over the planet... we all have that little voice in our head giving us the right answers and telling us what to do but that's just our sixth sense aka intuition.
as long as there are no confirmed sightings, i don't believe in aliens at all lolZ
well you never know, it's a big universe out there..
Ok before I read the host I yousto love spiders now after now I hate them case that's how they toke I've so I'm with you.


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