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Does Anyone Have Info on The Host Film Production....any status updates?

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I heard that Andrew Niccol won't direct the movie. Insted Susanna something will. I totally forgot her last name! Other than that, nothing. No cast yet :(
Susanna White! That's it, I remember now. :)
they say SM will start with the movie after Breaking Dawn is finished
nice....can't wait.
I really hope that they do a Host Movie! I LOVE the book and with the way SM is so involved in the movie making process I bet this will be a good movie. The Twilight Saga has been AMAZING movies! The books in any case of being turned into a movie is always better! So with that being in the back of your mind knowledge I can't wait for the movie!

This is what I hear as of February 11th.


Director Susanna White, who helmed Nanny McPhee Returns, has been hired to direct the movie adaptation of The Host, the romantic sci-fi novel written by Stephenie Meyer (who also wrote the Twilight series). The film will be based on a script by Andrew Niccol. The cast hasn’t been announced yet.

*tapping foot* The wait is driving me off the bunkers. No offense to Twilight but I wish SM would hurry up and work on The Host. It's a brilliant book that poses soo many questions and outlooks. I totally love it!


I'm dying to find out about the cast too... :(

I'm excited to hear that they will be making a film from the book.  I'll bet we won't see anything until 2012 on this one since Breaking Dawn is being spread out in two different years.  Darn, I would like to see this one sooner.
Exactly! Breaking Dawn is taking too much. Grrr. I sooo wanna see this movie!

YES.....exactly why I posted the question of any status updates! (Come on SM).....I am like a little kid waiting for the best gift, EVER.....hehe.


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