The Twilight Saga

i really dont want it to be. Because i really had an addiction for this book and i really loved it.

i will be so devastated if it becomes a movie, because i love how i see the boook in my mind, and i'm okay how i imagined it.

like on the twilight saga, i really loved the books but when the movies came out i really didn't felt the same way as some other fans

comment please(:

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hey calm down(: this group was just for me to see who thought the same :D woaaahh u do have a pont ;)
i do understand your point.... i was really dissapointed when i saw the twilight movies after reading the books.... it wasn't loyal to the book at all!! however, i do want to see this book becoming a movie because there are so many parts that are difficult to picture in your mind so it would be great to see how they turn the story into a movie... plus twilight was an independet movie with a really low budget that had melissa rosenberg as the screenwriter (awful screenplay!!) and with the host they have andrew niccol who did a great job with gattaca and i guess they have a little more budget because it's not an indepent movie plus stephenie is working really close to niccol supervising the screenplay so i guess (i hope) it will be waaaaaaay better than twilight!!
i tottaly agree with u, i also want to see some parts i didn't understand at all, that's why i need to see it to! guess niccol will be better, lets hope for it!
I understand what you mean. I no longer like the Twilight fandom due to the movies. It's not that the movies are horrible (although I don't love them), it's that them becoming movies changed the culture in the fandom. I really don't want that to happen with The Host.
I do understand although I'm excited about the movie (and I think Twilight movies are better than books, but that's just me).
Sometimes you just... don't want something to be visualised just to save your own vision. Like Anja said - you don't have to watch the movie. But I get that on the Internet there would be so much information, so many pictures of the cast and pix from the movie u'll probably see them anyway. Hope it won't destroy your vision.
Take care!
The solution to your problem is to simply not watch the movie.
Uhm I think the thing is about the whole vision. Not only what happens in The host but also characters. I think Yadiie also doesn't want to lose her vision of every character. Bet most of us will have official Jared, Ian or Wanda in our avatars? And we'll probably discuss every detail on the board, every change the director is going to do etc. It's not that simple. Of course Yadiie can just not go into the cinema but she'll see a glimpse (oh, more than just a glimpse!) of the movie anyway.
u do understand me(:
Glad to read that. I know what you mean although I like the idea of The host as a movie. Strange... sometimes I know the feelings of those who think differently. :)


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