The Twilight Saga

I would love to hear what everyone's dream cast for The Host is. So tell me your opinions.

These were all I could think of. Enjoy(:
For Jared, Channing Tatum keeps popping up. Christina Ricci looks like she could be the seeker. And I like Vanessa Hudgens for Sunny/Jodi.

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no no no!!! not vanessa hudgens!
noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Vanessa Hudgens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
vanessa hudgens?? they can't put her in the movie, she's a terrible actress!!!! christina ricci is super talented and she could be the seeker but i don't see caning tatum as jared
yes kellan lutz would be the perfect kyle!!! but i don't see anyone else from the twilight cast playing a role in the host


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