The Twilight Saga

so im taking a poll
Edward or Ian?
Jacob or Jared?
I say tie for all wat about you?

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i second that
Between Edward and Ian, EDWARD!
and JARED against Jacob!
definitely Ian over Edward. Hello? Blue eyes! and he will grow old with you, and you could actually have kids! and i say it yet again, BLUE EYES! *faints* then definitely Jacob over Jared. i mean, if Jacob imprints on you, will would be soo cool! and he turns into a wolf! how cool is that? and jared... hello? HE HURT WANDA A LOT OF TIMES!!!!!!! now the real question is... Jacob or Ian....? and i agree with you hostcrazed, and Mrs. Spunk Ransom, SOFT GUYS ARE THE BEST THERE IS!!! (besides cuties)
I say they all are to good to be true but if I HAD to pick I agree exept hurting Wanda, he's not trying too, it's the girl he loves with all his heart that Wanda happend to get. he can't help it.
edward ian and jared NO jacob~!
i love em all and i cant decide!
I say tie for all of them to
OMG THIS IS HARD!!! I think Jacob over Jared. I've always loved Jake, from th begining when his only purpose was to tell Bella the secret. I read Twilight in under 24 hrs the first time, and I couldnt stop thinking "Wow, I really like that Jacob kid" As for Ian and Edward? Well that one was harder but Ive always loved Edward. Relationships sometimes strengthen with time.But the kool thing is, the characters in The Host are so much more realistic then the ones in Twilight. I mean, you're not just going to stumble across a guy like Jake in the bookstore at the mall. And EDWARD(even if he were human) would not just be another guy from school. Guys those are one in a million. If they evn exist. The guys in the Host are flawed, and I love them in spite of it. And Ian is not soft! Dont u see how he throws Wanda's weight around like nothing? And Jared was better b4 Melanie left. With the Jacob-y grin and the pre-pubescent Jamie
Edward..I Love Him He's The Best
Jacob..He Was There For The Cullens He had turned his back on his own pack for them
I say them all too.I agree with mother love plus i can't say I do love a gentlemen.
I'd have to say Edward-I fell in love with his character from the very start. Ian took some warming to but eventually I loved him too, they're very similar, don't you think?

Jacob and Jared are more difficult to choose form. Jacobs funny, charming, caring and a big softie at heart, whereas Jared is strong, protective and fierce!
That would have to be a tie!


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