The Twilight Saga

so im taking a poll
Edward or Ian?
Jacob or Jared?
I say tie for all wat about you?

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I don't know, I love em all! Edward 'cause well he's Edward. Ian 'cause Ian is protective but also loving like Edward but Ian has something else too that I can't put my finger on. Jacob 'cause Jake awesome! Jared 'cause he wants Mel back but in the end he can't stand Wanda leaving, as much as he trys to get Mel he can't help loving Wanda two. they all just have their own loving personalities
I'd say Ian and then Jacob, because I'm sorry I just didn't think Edward had much of a personality, and Jared first wanted to kill Wanderer...
I saw Ian for the first one and Jacob for the other one.
But Emmett Cullen and Seth Clearwater beat all four of them
personally, i think that it should be Edward or Jared, Jacob or Ian. there was more heat with Jared than Ian (though Ian certainly had his moments) like there was more passion with Edward than Jacob (though Jake had his moments too).
edward or ian i prefer Ian
jacob or jared i prefer Jacob


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