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Hey guys!
Me and Nadine were wondering from how many countries are fans of The Host. So I'm starting this thread just to... hmm... not count, I believe there are too many of us. Let's just say we're doing this for fun and knowledge. The curiosity kills me, honestly. :D
Sooo... Where are you guys from?
As I'm starting...


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hahaha you actually did it :) hahaha

Well im from Saudi Arabia :)
hey ur one of my friends and i didnt know u are from saudi arabia! that is so cool
but even though I live in Saudi Arabia my nationality is American. I also have the american passport :P
Colombia, born and raised, :)
IRELAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
Wooow we have alot of countries!!!
Mexico and the USA
United States - Connecticut


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