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i dont think its just a coincidence. maybe his is an indirect biography or something of the sort!?!?

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Where is L?
? what L?
haven't u read the book?
Oh my god, you are freaking kidding me.
Lol... that's crazy but I think its a coincidence Because Stryder is like "Stride" and Jamie, Jeb and Mel always take long steps which is striding... so that makes them Stryders :P I thought it was punny. Lol. Punny :P
Actually Melanie and Stryder are people who she knows. I know this coz she mentioned this in an interview so she "tends to use names from people she knows."
oh wow. at least i know now, thnx
so i wonder who the cullens are :))))
i don't know who the cullens are but jacob was named because of her brother
oh wow, thnx
i read in an mtv interview that they asked stephenie about her name and melanie stryder and she said she sisn't do that on purpose, it was a coincidence and she never thought about it...
Maybe it was unconsciously done. The brain puts all sorts of things together that sometimes come out unexpectedly, especially when writing. Pretty cool actually.
i read about that in an interview. melanie is her cuzin's name and stryder is a classmate's surname. it was merely a coincidence


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