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hey i have read the host again and agian, it's awesome, and i wwant to know what the additional chapter talks about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
has anyone read it???

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really? i didnt even know there was going to be a second book! when did they announce this? im so excited!!!, i didnt though stephenie would even write a second one... and maybe if she did, it would be waaaaaay after BD movie was done...

im reallt glad shes making a second one...
the seeker? seems interesting, maybe something happends with the soul of the seeker when she was shipped off, or maybe it's about another seeker...
who knows...
Yeah, she hasn't said when she's going to work on it, but I believe there is going to be three books. The Host, The Seeker, and The Soul.
The main video on my host site's youtube channel has some information on the second book
Ok thanks, "the soul" sounds interesting..
i really looks forward to anything new from stephenie meyer! :D
ill look into her new books
I read it and LOVED it!!!!! I loved that it was from Mel's point of view!
would you happend to have it digital, so you can send it to me?
does anyone have this chapter on their computer please, so they can send it to me?!
i really want to read it!

[i feal like im talking to a blank wall]
I think I'm kinda late in the updates, but I really want to read the additional chapter too! Can anyone please send it to me as well??? My email add is Please!
If any of you still want to get your hands on the bonus chapter, my Host fansite is giving away the paperback edition of The Host. You just have to help us reach 100 followers on Twitter and the last person who retweeted any of our tweets will win the book. You can follow us @thehostfandom
I havn't got to read it yet... Im really sad about that! I need to get ahold of a soft back copy to read it!


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