The Twilight Saga

hey i have read the host again and agian, it's awesome, and i wwant to know what the additional chapter talks about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
has anyone read it???

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you mean the bonus chater from Mel's POV??
yeah! have you got it?
I've read it
and ya I have it :)
OMG! is it good! i mean can you send it to me!
i've been searcghing online for it! but i just can't find it!!
hey are you still there?
its great
Sorry I was out for lunch
and ya I can send it to you
except I have it on my hotmail
so if you want you can inbox me your email and I'll be happy to send it :)
okay thx!
Can you pretty pretty pretty please sent this to me too?
do you still have the chapter 60... if you have it can u sent it to me plz!!!
Oh pleassseee can you send it to me too!!
I just sent it :)
oh thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'll never forget this service!!


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