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Does anyone else REALLY REALLY want them to make the Host into a movie? b/c i want to see it come to life so badly! who would play who? Anyone heard anything along these lines (that might actually come from a credible source?)

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the only reason why i would like the host to be a movie coz i wanna see who's who; but otherwise they'll just ruin the book, and the book is amazing but also i'm curious how it will be.
I think Hayden Panettiere would make a good Pet/Wanda
I think that they would make a sucky movie, just l;ike with twilight. the twilight movie sucked hard.
a friend who borrowed my book told me that The Host is meant to be read, not to be seen. i disagreed. but when i came to think of it more, i realized it would be a heck of a challenge to the filmmakers who would TRY to bring to life the The Host Book we know and love. so, i guess i just don't want the novel to be exploited.
i would LOVE for them to make it in to a movie!! as for the characters
melanie - sophia bush
jared - jensen ackless/jason behr/steven strait
ian - ian somerhalder/chace crawford
kyle - kellan lutz
wanda/pet - elisabeth harnois/blake lively/
sharon - evan rachel wood (she looks great as a redhead)
seeker - christina ricci/rachel leigh cook
jeb - hugh laurie (i'm not sure)
maggie - kathy bates/maggie smith
hey no offense but you copied this from my reply... look at the first comment and you'll see.
Actually, she had an interview with MTV and they were talking about The Host and she said 1: That she might/will make it a trilogy and 2: That she MIGHT make a movie with more known actors than Twilight.. I don't know if the interview is still their website at all, but you can look and see. I think it would mess up the book, but that wouldn't stop me from watching the movie. I'd watch just to see (somewhat) of what Stephenie Meyer thought of.
i read that interview too... she said she wanted matt damon for jared, ben affleck for kyle and casey affleck for ian but i don't think they fit into the character's description, i think they're too old and they look completely different as i imagined them, but she's the writer and i guess she got inspired on them, i'd definitely watch the movie
Definitly I think it would be amazing, and I am so hoping that Stephanie Meyer makes a sequel to this amazing book. I think all of her work reads like a movie. I mean I can practically see what parts they would cut out or cut short, and see this as amazing no matter how they did it. I love seeing books come to life.
I haven't really heard anything about making into a movie, but i think it would be interesting to watch. :] It wouldn't make the book any less amazing if they made a movie and it didn't do so well, so i think it would be kinda cool to see what they'd make. (: The only thing i wouldn't want is for the ppl who haven't read the host and watch the movie only love it because of the actors and not for the story of the movie itself. It would be a shame if it ended up a little like the Twilight movie how everyone -- well not everyone, but most of the ppl -- loved it simply because robert pattinson was in it. But none the less, the true fans would still love the book either way :D Now, if it were made into a movie, i'd love for this cast: Melanie - Sophia Bush, Jared - Tom Welling/Jensen Ackless, Wanda - Elisabeth Harnois/Emilie de Ravin, Ian - Ian Somerhalder/Drew Fuller/Chace Crawford (absolutely love them <3) and the rest could be who ever, lol, but my dream cast would be complete if anyone of them were picked. :D I really couldn't picture anyone but Sophia for Melanie. :T I thought she just fit Melanie perfectly. :]
i totally agree with you... i'd hate all the crazy fans that only watch the movie, but there's some other ppl that read the book because the watched the movie, i guess that's not a bad thing after all, i only hate all the fans (girls) that only love the story because of the actors.. and yeah, sophia bush is the perfect melanie


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