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Does anyone else REALLY REALLY want them to make the Host into a movie? b/c i want to see it come to life so badly! who would play who? Anyone heard anything along these lines (that might actually come from a credible source?)

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Normally, YES because it is such a fantastic book. But honestly that would be such a ruin for my imagination of the charaters and not to mention poor Stephenie Meyer, who would have two famous books to serve to. (and we all know Twilight is already stressful for her)
NO ,NO,NO,NON,NO,NO,NO! steph already made the mistake of making twilight into a crappy movie . i don't want them to ruin this story cus only a few companies would be able to capture the story NOT SUMMIT THEY SUCKED and i bet that steph would go back to them and torture the story.
i totally agree (:
Hell NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. No one should screw it up, and I'm sure no one wants, so they never must even think about that!
Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It would be an even bigger hit then TWILIGHT
Hell yyyyyyyeeeeeeessssssssss!! I think that Jared Padelacki should be Ian --I luv Ian-- and Hugh Jackman should be Jared because wolvirine is good at bein' mad and Jenson Ackles should be Kyle --He's huge!--

Of course, even if they make a movie, the book will always be my favorite book and story, it rules over ALL movies anyway....

And plus, Twilight is a little dramatic and darkly tinted but it couldn't be like that in the host, after all, it isn't on of those 'hushed emotion and love' kinda book, It is more of a 'I don't know who to love!' Kind of thing.
i do!!!! it would be amazing!
Cast for me-

Ian- Drew Fuller (but he's gotta beef it up) or Channing Tatum or Kellan Lutz
Jared-Chris Pine
Melanie-Ashley Greene
Wanda-Malin Åkerman, Elisabeth Harnois or Emilie de Ravin (she's 5'2")
Seeker- I agree with the Christina Ricci suggestion
Jeb-i agree with the Sam Elliot
Kyle-either Channing Tatum or Kellan Lutz (although I think it would be hard for me to dislike him)
Jamie- not sure
Doc-not sure
Yes, I so want a movie too! I hope Ian is played by Ian somerhalder! :) And, maybe melanie could me megan fox.
I would love to see the host as a movie! I don't think it dwould be as easy to mess up as twilight.
I would like to see it as a movie but i KNOW if i do it will kill the book for me but i will still watch the movie and read the book anyway.
i'd love sophia bush to play mel/wanda <3
if someone else would play the role than i'm not sure i want 'the host' to become a movie
anyway... my main reason why i DON'T want it to be a movie is that...look at twilight- after it was turned into a movie everyone got crazy and everyone fell in love with robert pattinson (not really everyone, but the majority) but a lot of those people didn't even read the books :D and they say 'the movie is awsome' *rolleyes*
what i mean is that i wouldn't like the host to become as popular and everyone to know it like they do with twilight... this book is more special than that.
sorry if what i said doesn't make sense i just don't know how to explain what i'm thinking...


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