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Does anyone else REALLY REALLY want them to make the Host into a movie? b/c i want to see it come to life so badly! who would play who? Anyone heard anything along these lines (that might actually come from a credible source?)

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the only thing i've heard about a movie is from a non credible source in fanpop but i'd love to see the host on screen. my dream cast would be:
melanie - sophia bush/missy peregrym/kristin kreuk
jared - jensen ackless/jason behr/steven strait
ian - ian somerhalder/chace crawford
kyle - kellan lutz
wanda/pet - elisabeth harnois/blake lively/dakota fanning
sharon - evan rachel wood (she looks great as a redhead)
seeker - christina ricci/rachel leigh cook
jeb - hugh laurie (i'm not sure)
maggie - kathy bates/maggie smith
i think that chace crawford will be perfect for jared...nooo 4 ian..
and ian somerhalder its cute but its not like i imaging ian
i dont know what actor could play ian`s char...
but ian sould have white skin.. blue, big, intense and beautifull eyes..he should de big, tall.....and very straight black (but very black!!) hair
for me, he doesn't fit with jared's description, specially his eyes....
NOOOOO!!!! please, I DON'T want them to make a movie from it, they will ruin it completley!!! I know its the best desision for the book.
Same here.
I love the book and can not see it as a movie. I hope that they don't try to put it onto the big screen and leave it as it is..
I'd like them to make a movie, just to see what they can do with it and how they would do it. Also, keep in mind that if they did make a movie no one would force you to see it, lol. The book won't change, it will still be there after the movie comes out. Just like with Twilight. The movie was a lot different, but it didn't make the book any less appealing. It's still a great book.
i'm sorry, but i have to contradict you. i mean, after the movie, whenever i try to read twilight ROBERT FREAKIN' PATTINSON POPS UP!!!!!!!!! i agree, Yadiie Stryder, that they would ruin the book.... but if i really had to choose, (i know i have bad taste) but i think the host would be a lot easier to make as a movie than twilight because it doesnt really have much 'paranormal' scenes. my best -i guess, i have weird tastes- actors for the job would be.....
Jared- Kiefer Sutherland. (they can make him look younger..... i only choose him because he's good at being mad)
Ian- DREW FULLER!~!!!! (he's hot!!! -only (existing) guy in the world whom i would admit is hot-) -when his hair is slightly long and he shaves-
and i would like to see both Glenn Close as Maggie, and Hugh Laurie as Jeb!!!
-thats it.... -.-"
lol, like I said, don't see the movie.
i totally agree!
no more twilight-like damages, please!
I'd like so much to see Sam Elliot as Jeb!See why!This is a picture of him in The Golden Compass.When I first read the book this man came imidiately in my head for the old man Jeb!if you've seen The Golden Compass I believe you'll agree with me.Can you imagine him trying to shoot at kellan Lutz(Kyle)?
yeah he looks exactly like jeb the only thing missing on him are the blue eyes
i would love sam elliot as jeb....he would be perfect!


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