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Which one do you like better?

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Twilight overall but the host has it's strong points, like being better written. Also, it has more mature themes then twilight has.
Regarding the mature themes, it is because it was directed to adults as opposed to teens/YA.
when SM was writing Twilight she wasn't writing it as a teen novel. It was published as a teen novel.
That's a really good point! Although I don't have kids that's how I feel about these two books :)
Me Too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yeah i agree i love both of the same but for diffrent reasons like in the Host it was more... whats the word... umm mature and made you think harder about what it means to have free will and to be human. While in twilight its all about loving someone soo much that you are willing to die for that person. Their both very well written books and i lovethem both but for diffrent reasons
I completly agree with that last comment. It is more mature book. Definatly a different take on the whole Alien invasion...but then Twilight is a different take on vampires. Why choose? Love them both! lol
There is no comparison due to the hugely different plots. But overall, it is hands down The Twilight Saga for me---I can never get enough of it! Maybe because there is a whole series and it is more focused on Edward and Bella as a pair, as opposed to The Host focusing on just Wanda/Melanie's experiences. So the romance captures me more instead of the race for acceptance.
i'm still starting reading the host and i find it greeping. Definitely more mature but I do love the survival of freedom take. Their diferent, can't quite compare...
twi have't read host yet but want to
the twilight saga and the host both have their strong points. i find that its hard to decide which i like more....but if i had to absolutly pick one it would be twilight because i feel a little like bella
i completely agree with Maija- Jasper4ever. And I love the fact that it made me think harder about what was going on, because it got me more into the book, but twilight does have this spark to it, like, the first few chapters and your hooked. so its a tie for me also.
and another difference is the Host is more sci-fi where as Twilight is fantasy.


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