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Which one do you like better?

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honestly i liked Twilight better. it was less confusing. n much more interesting.
the host was a good book. it's just i didn't like the ending. it seemed to abrupt and i feel like it was left off on a cliff hanger
i have not read the host yet but i think that i will like twilight better.
i'd go for TWILIGHT SAGA..

I found the first chapters of 'The Host' really boring. But, when I actually got into the story. I couldn't put it down.

It is really hard for me to choose between the two.

I guess I loved HOST more than TWILIGHT. It was very complicated and made me think a lot. That's the reason I love it so much. But hey! I am still a Twi-hard!

hmmm..gosh this is such a hard choice...but I gotta say that the Host is better than the twilight saga bc it has a lot more plot..sure Twilight is GREAT but idk i guess I want to focus on something more than there obsessive love...but I totally still love Twilight!!
iam obsessed with them both..cant choose
Don't get me wrong I love Twilight, but I definitely think The Host was way better. At first I didn't even wanna read it because it didn't seem like something I would like. Though eventually my curiosity got the better of me and I read it. I'm SO glad I did:) The Host is wonderful and I cried so much when I thought Wanda was going to die. The Host just got to me more than Twilight and I think its a better book. I feel like I'm betraying Twilight right now, but that's what I think.

Okay, I didn't read through all the comments on this discussion, so I have no clue if anyone has said anything like what I'm about to say, so not to sound like a broken record. I loved the Twilight Saga because it got me through a tough time in my life when I had to transfer schools and had to make new friends all over again (which is hard for me) and when I started reading the Saga, it just made me feel at home in a weird way. Hell, walking around with the books even helped make friends because they'd be reading it, too. And I was one that had to read the books over and over and over, not just because it was an amazing story (to put it simply), but also because the emotions were so strong for me I had to keep experiencing them, though after reading them again and again, of course they weren't as strong. And I had to keep reading because it felt like if I didn't the characters, who had come to life in a way before my eyes, would just walk off the edge of "The End" and seize to exist. But eventually, enough was enough and I had to move on to other books. I went from book series to book series, and I couldn't find another like it. And that's where The Host came in, though is was 2 years later. Same emotions, same lively characters, and best of all, it was only one book! Though it took me 5 days to read the first 100 pages, it took me only 2 days to read the last 500. And, of course, I had to read it again. It was that dose that I feel only Stephenie Meyer can deliver. And though a part of me wishes she would write a sequel to the book, I like how it ended. It leaves it up to the imagination to go along with the rest beyond the pages so a reader can love it in their own way, because let's face it: no one reads a book exactly like another person. These books are also part of the reason I have aspired to being a traditional writer so I can some day touch the hearts of readers like how Stephenie Meyer has touched mine, however cliche that may sound. I may sound like a crazy person to most of you, but I know there's other people like me that just fall head-over-heels for these books and are as into them as I am and can agree with me. I don't know if that's what kind of response this discussion was looking for, but that's what I've got for it.

Lol did my comment kill the discussion?

I like Twilight better, mainly because there's more of it, so it was better developed. I've also only read The Host once, so I don't really have as much of an opinion on it.

I'm in love with the Twilight Series, but once I was finished with The Host, it was clear to me how much I loved this book more! I hope she does turn it into the Trilogy she previously spoke of. The book is well written, passionate, mature, stays on point, and I think the fact that it's not about vampires makes it something else; the whole vampire thing is great, but once there comes too much of it, it kinda gets annoying. The host is something different and when reading it, you truly feel as though you're in the book. That speaks for itself. And the overall story has that real twist to make it better than Twilight, in my opinion.

hmm.... I think both are very amazing, but if I had to chose: The Host


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