The Twilight Saga

you know the characters guys,

this roleplay really talks about Ian and Wanda, and the new human cells,

Burns starts falling for Wanda!!!! What will happen with Ian??

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very true...
And the worst part is the director hasn't even read the books, so he doesn't really get the essence of it like we do.
Honestly, they don NOT know what the fans want to feel when they watch twilight, it's missing that magical touch SM added to the books.
They should choose a director from the fans, they would know what to do...
I'm no anxious about Breaking dawn, it will be PG, and how will PG fit into a honey moon scene... :S
So that's my worry there.

With the movies,i think what's ruining them is the fact that they try to make them perfect, they overdo it and it ends up in a splash!
You know, I can picture BD being PG because they dont have to put the whole sex scene I mean they can start with them in the beach making out and then it just trails out to the morning and stuff, I mea they can show that its a sex scene but not even showing them do it, if you know what I mean, And they say the whole birth scene should be R rated and stuff but I dont find it bad, I mean its supposed to be tense and not scary its supposed to be like your hearts beating at incredible speed instead of looking away saying this is scary!! you know!! I just dont think BD should be R rated and people are saying its hard to be R rated and stuff but no!! I mean it will be hard to create the tension and stuff but its not going to be impossible!!
I'm sorry i'm babbling :P
Babble away, when i was writing my two huge replies, i was thinkin about you Nadine, i was like, i'm babbling a loooot over here
I think you're right about BD< but the fans are exicted about seeing it Rated R, and trust me they wouldn't mind f it's rated X...
I completely agree with you about including everything but shorten it up I just hate when they just write a new story, but it's the screenplay writter's fault, I HATED Melissa rossenberg with all my heart I can do it better than her, the good thing is that Andrew niccol has more experience and he's great, I loved gatacca, awesome movie!!!
(sorry about my absence here but things have been really crazy plus it was my bday)
Hey, Happy B- day! :) how old are you now?
I kinda of noticed that you weren't ON, and twilightholic is not coming on either.
Thanks I'm 20 now and I can't believe it.... I wan't to be nineteen again hahaha
It's another director, so hopefully it will not be like twilight, actually, yes, when i hear the chime of bells when Edward sparkles, i crack up... it's so gay!
I still like the books, but if we say we like the movies, we would be lying to ourselves, i watched eclipse, it was better than new moon, since there was some action.
And i think the main reason which made the movies suck, is the fact that they are PG and dedicated to girls, i mean, i don't like that....
I don't know if you get my point...

And about the movie, the wolves were terrible and so not real, i mean, 3D is much more developed than THAT! they can do better...
But i have a feeling that the host will not be like that, it will be perfect, becuase it doesn't have that big of a franchise, so the director will do it right, and he will not try to please the crazed fans.
Yeah Andrew niccol Is a great director and screenwriter, Melissa rossenberg was terrible!!!!!! I could have done a better job, she butchered the book!!!!
yep, totally true, and now she is struggling to write the script for BD, she asked for HELP! Can you imagine?
Really??? I didn't know about that but I'm glad she realized the huge mistake she made by letting melissa rossenberg as the screenwriter for the first three movies, I heard SM was really happy with niccol being the screenwriter and director so I guess that's a good thing
HAHAHA, I usually dont write a lot, Unless im REALLY interested! :P
Ya, true, but at the same time there are fans that are under the age for R rated and that would be really disappointing if they dont get to see their favorite book played on screen!! So think of them too


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