The Twilight Saga

you know the characters guys,

this roleplay really talks about Ian and Wanda, and the new human cells,

Burns starts falling for Wanda!!!! What will happen with Ian??

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yes, i know.... that's true... :)
Haha, you cant run away from it :P
i know... talking is my hobby, a full time job!
hahaha same her same her
And you didnt answer my previous question about 2smic
hehe! ma cheftou!

Dodo 2esem dala3, 2smi al 7a2i2i: Douaa. --- another way to write it, Du3a2.

bta3erfi chu ye3ni maheK?
I knew it!! and ya ba3ref ma3na!! hahaha, 3amti isma Duaa bas ni7na we call her dudu haha
hehe! nafes al chi!

aslan ana ktir t3awadet 3ala 2esem dodo 3a chway nsit 2esmi! :)

Kenti 3arfe ennu 2esmi Duaa?
hahaa, Ya kent 3arfe! I just wanted to make sure, inti sakne bi libnan??
eh sekne bi libnan lal 2asaf, :( Bas t3awadna chu badna na3mel?

Enti betsumi Ramadan?
Yallah ana 3aisha bil so3dia!! :(

Eh besumo! Inti?
my sister was depressed when she turned twenty, she said like it was a turning point, 21 was better for her.


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