The Twilight Saga

you know the characters guys,

this roleplay really talks about Ian and Wanda, and the new human cells,

Burns starts falling for Wanda!!!! What will happen with Ian??

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Burns doesnt love Wanda!!!
i don't think burns will fall in love with wanda but i'm pretty sure ian will think that burns want to take her girlfriend away so ian will be jealous and maybe this will cause some tension between him and wanda so wanda will be suffering for making ian sad and ian will be worried for making wanda suffer because of him.....
yeah that's why i made this rp...
ahahaha thats actually pretty true denisse but I personally dont think Burns loves Wanda
me neither... but i'm sure ian will think that sometime in the next book even if it's not true
i wonder what the next book will be about...
probably about ian/wanda and jared/melanie's relationships and about the interaction with the other humans
Definitely Ian is protective over Wanda <3
If only he can be mine ;) haha
well you've got a lot of competition there cuz i want him to be mine too hahaha but i think another possibility in the sequel reading about ian/wanda's relationship taken to the next level....
There is no competition he wants me!!! hhaaha

And thats why Wanda lied about her age ;) haha
yeah you're right, and i hope in the next book jamie will have a love interest cuz he's such a sweet boy!!! and of course we'll see more about jared/melanie
yeah jamie shud have a love interest. And trust me u guys we all want Ian for ourselves! haha. I cant wait for the next book... I want to know wat happens with the characters. Also I dont think Burns likes Wanda that way... I also thought abt him liking her but the more I think abt it I just cant c SM doing that to us. Also Burns prob likes Wanda like another soul and so it seems like he might have an ineterest in her... if the book continues (which we all hope for) Ian shudnt feel jelous bc Wanda truly loves him and he shud know that!


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