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okay I think that maybe Tom Welling should play Ian for the Host movie. What do u guys think? Is it a like a perfect match or what?

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I think Tom Welling would be a good choice for Ian.
yup he's a very good choice(:
I never really thought about him as a possible choice but now that you mentioned him he fits perfectly. wow.
But wait a second. There's going to be a Host movie? When was that disclosed???
like a year ago! go to the stephanie meyer website and go to the host and than click the host movie. so excited!
EEP thnx 4 telling me im so psyched nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!
When does it come out????!!!!!!
we r not sure yet but, maybe next year?
Omg yes he will be wonderful in that part!!! I can see him being Ian. He has the eyes for it and face. Maybe Meagan Fox can play Wanda/Melaine?
no please no!!! he can't act....i'd hate it if he's ian!!!
who do think will make a good Ian
yeah, who would u rather play him?
Who could do a better job?
ian somerhalder... he's great and he can be really sweet!!! another option is matt bomer, he fits perfectly in the description although i prefer him for kyle!!


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