The Twilight Saga

im curious who do you guys like better, Ian or Jared???

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I really like Ian better, he accepts Wanda for what she is and loves her anyways.
IAN! ya so wat he tried 2 strangle her 2 death in the begining... i still <3 him!
Ian all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I absolutely love Ian! Me and my friend Hannah obbsess over him all the time ;)
He's the best, he's so kind and gentle and so perfect for Wanda, I (LL) him!!!
ian for sure
hey i was wondering. are they going to make a movie outta The Host?
comment my page and let me know PLEASE!
I started crying too! It was sooo sweet. Ian is amazingly amazing!
ian because of his amazing accepting personality
i like and the two guys. ian is perfect for wanta and jared perfect for melani
i absolutely LOVE ian!
I love Ian Sooooo much. hes so sweet, so caring, so down to earth, so understanding
Jared was being a jerk.
Ian is the cutest Human alive !!
IAN!!!!! Ijust finisged reading it yesterday and i soooo say ian
Jared, he really reminds me of the guy I fell for (and who broke my heart) so technically I should hate him...Ian's a close second though.


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