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im curious who do you guys like better, Ian or Jared???

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IAN! hes amazing :P i love him
I'd have to say Ian, but Jared's a good second.
Jared is my pick!
oooohhhh.....thats really say ian for wanda and jared for melanie, but maybe ian overall because he accepted melanie/wanda as soon as she came to jeb's, and jared hit her across the face!!!!
Ian didn't except Wanda right away! He tried to strangle her to death!!
I totally agree with Christina Pattinson at first when melanie sorta forced memories into wanda I fell in love with jared but then to read da way he treated her changed my opinion that's disappointing to change ur thoughts on da main guy all this to say I luv. Ian
umm ian, cause he wasn't really a jerk in the beginning like jared...but then again, jared had kind of lost true love, or so he thought, so i dunno, i think they depends on if u r a soul or a human
Jared he atill loves her!!!!!
Ian for Wanda, Jared for Melanie (they are a match anyway). For myself... I don't know because I felt that neither's personality was deeply described enough for me to choose---unlike The Twilight Saga. But going from what I do know, I think I would say Ian.
IAN!! i love love love him !
so glad Wanda could have a happily ever after with him :)
and I Jared didn't even love Wanda, or cared about her much, all he cared about was that Melanie was in there, and didn't want his Melanie to die or anything.
Definetly Ian. He is so more understanding about Melanie and Wanda's relationship. He literally asks Mels opinion before he kisses Wanda. He is so much nicer than Jared.


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