The Twilight Saga

What does your ian look like? i am really curious on what the person inside ya'lls head looks like. and it doesnt need to be an actor....


Update: A lot of yall have been describing in words what ian looks like to you. I know how SM describes him, but what I meant to say was to show me a picture of what he looks like. dont worry about wether or not the person can act the part, just post your perfect Ian :)



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AgiK: You still haven't guessed where I live or we can say where I from :D You'll be surprised
Hmm... where can it be to surprise me?
I don't know... *thinks hard* Your name is Nadine.................................. so you're not from Poland, lol. Uhm... Or maybe it's english version of your real name. Or it is your real name... aggghhhhh!!! Agi, stop babbling!!!
No clue. Germany?
Oh well... only Wanda's body is 17, she was much older. ;)
Esp. that between Mel and Jared was... if I remember correctly 9 years. Think she likes when there's a bit bigger age difference between a woman and a man (I like it too) - maybe nothing that "extreme" like between Bella and Edward LOL but still... ;)
And ur right it's not a teenage novel so Ian doesn't have to be b. young.
Oh my gosh I didn't know Chris Pine was younger than Ian Somerhalder... Hmm weird I thought it would be the other way around. Well he could be alright I guess. I don't mind that he's a little bit older, because I think of Ian as an 26/ 27 year old man. So he could pass, but I have to think about it :)

But I have another suggestion; Chris Hemsworth (funny thing, he actually is 25 years old). He could be Ian or maybe he would be a better Kyle. I'm not sure yet, but what do you all think??

Here's a picture of him, for the people that don't know him.
Come on!!! Chris Pine is only 29 years old, that's not old at all!!!! While I was reading the book I though he was maybe between 25-30 years old, because when Wanda changed bodies she lied about her age because she didn't want Ian to know that she was a minor......Well that really doesn't matter because if he was 20 or 30 she was still a minor.
Hmm interesting guy. Basing my opinion only on his looks - yes, he could be Ian (although with a bit longer hair ;)). But I don't know anything about his acting skills which are even more important to me than an actor's looks. Where did he play so I could check on?
The most recent one is the new Star Trek movie. Also The Princess Diaries 2.
*headdesk* I've seen The princess diaries 2! And forgot about it! I have such a wonderful memory, honestly...
Thanks for reminding me of that one, Lizbeth!
AgiK: hahahaha noo not Germany. I live in Saudi Arabia :D is that surprising?? hahaha
and i also totally agree with you i need to know about his acting skills!
Aghh... "al-Taher" should tell me something! Mesa so stupid!
It is a bit surprising but hey you're the first person from your country I ever talked to! :)))
well then i feel very special to be the first one (from my country) to talk to you :D
you do know what language i speak right??


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