The Twilight Saga

Hey, guys i just wanted your opinion on wanda and Ian.

Did you think Jared and Wanda were better than Ian and her.

I loved Ian better so tell me if you disagree or if you agree tell me why!!

I wanna know!!


No rude comments plzzz! =)

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I looove Ian because he is so understanding and supportive of Wanda. That is the reason they are so good together!! I think they are waay better than Wanda and Jared :) Iaaaaaaan <3 <3 <3
I totally agree! TEAM IAN!!! -=)
YES!!! Jared was great at the end but before that...he was just a jerk!!!! Iannanananan!
Yes! Forever and Always!!! ♥
I loved Ian and Wanda.... Jared and Wanda were never them... It was Jarad and Mel... Ian loved Wanda not the body but the soul... Jared loved the body not the soul!!! That is the difference....

I like Wanda for that-knowing that is wans`t her body to love Jared!
i think wanda should b with ian. jared and wanda could b good friends, but he dosen't love her the way ian does

That is like ecxally wat i said in my mind when i read the book! good thing everyone is feeling the same way!! =P



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