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personally i love Ian O'shea !! and i just wanna know a few things from you guys:......
1- do you love him too ??
2- do you think he's better than edward??
3- what do you think of him ??
4- .... how old is he ?? lol cause it doesnt say his age in the book, what do you guys think ??

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I'm with all of you - at first I was totally in love with Edward Cullen. Then when I started reading The Host I was torn between Jared and Ian. But then it was all about Ian. He is truly the perfect man. All the way to the end of the book with being patient and not wanting to rush Wanda - where can I find one?
1. yea
2. their equals for me. i love them both. there's enough room in my heart for the two of them =p
3. i think he's a perfect knight in shining armour. he's quite protective and understanding.
4. i think he's around mid 20's or so...
i for one, dont want a moving freezer plus a blood sucking vampire for a boyfriend ( some ppl would say, its fictiony and like a dreamy vibe, so they want a vampire for a boyfriend, ect )
but if you ask me; in books, its all fine and dandy but in real life its just plain creeepy. < just wanted it out of my system

p.s. no offence to the ppl who love edward, seriosley
Ian O'shea: LOVE HIM ^^
and Edward is older by actual age...
and yes i like IAN MORE.^________^
1. Yes l love him also
2. Yes he is way better than Edward ( But Darcy is better than them both )
3. I think if he was real then there would be a tone of woman chasing after him
4. He is 25, or in that area he is very close to Jareds' age
i love ian too
yess cause first of all im jacobs girl and edward is too prefect for me with no imperfections it gets kinda annoying I NEED FLAWS
he loves wanda for what she is i love people who dnt discriminate and he one uped it by dating outside his species lol
1. i LOVE Ian O'shea!!!
2. they r a tie for me...but super hot guys...who r overprotective hopeless romantics :P
3. i think he is the perfect guy! and very guy should learn from him :)
4. im not exactly sure how old he is..maybe roughly around the same age as jared..maybe younger i do not know for sure
1- do you love him too ?? Yes...
2- do you think he's better than edward?? Yes! By a looooooooong shot.
3- what do you think of him ?? He rocks so freaking hard its not even fair.
4- .... how old is he ?? lol cause it doesnt say his age in the book, what do you guys think ?? Mid to late 20s.
i think stephanie meyer said in an interveiw that he's 25 or something
1-i love ian o'shea
2-yes..better than edward
3-he's perect for me...gentleman!!
4-i think 25!!
1- very so much
2- i love them both, including jacob
3- i think he's perfect
4- if u notice in the end of the book, wanda lies about her age, saying the she learned that from melanie, bcoz ian is as respectful as jared, and jared's 30, so i think ian's around that age.
1- hell yes !!
2- well I think that they are in the same level ,, no wait ...... am confused ,, I can't choose !!!!
3- OMG ,, he's so caring and kind cause even that wanda doesn't have 1 chape ,, he love her when she was in melanie n again when she is in pet's body ,, he doesn't care a bout the look ,, not like the boys in our world .
4- I dont know how old is he but when I imagened him I thought of hem as a 23 - 25 man ,, who cares he's awsome .


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