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personally i love Ian O'shea !! and i just wanna know a few things from you guys:......
1- do you love him too ??
2- do you think he's better than edward??
3- what do you think of him ??
4- .... how old is he ?? lol cause it doesnt say his age in the book, what do you guys think ??

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1- yes i'm in love with him too
2- he's waaay better than edward... when i finished reading the twilight books i thought edward was the most perfect man on earth, but then i started reading the host and all i could think was "screw Edward Cullen, i want Ian O'Shea!!"
3- he's so sweet and caring and he loves wanda for what she really is, not because of her looks and that show you he really loves her and he'd give anything to save her
4- he's 25, i read an interview with stephanie and she said that ian was 25 and kyle was 30.
AWESOME !! ofcorse he's waaaaay better than edward i think edward could be a little over protective sometimes and gets really annoying, plus Ian can be serios but funny at the same time, protective (not like edward) but caring at the same time thats what i love about him !! and he's got blue eyes !! can it get even better !!
lol =P
yes, it can get better.... he's human!!!!
Ian bieng human is better than having a vampire around you 24/
totally!!! you don't need a vampire to protect you if you have ian with you
hey! having a guardian vampire ain't that bad at all. it's really... fictiony which makes it rather dreamy. *trance*
Ian and Kyle are twins, though. How can Kyle be thirty and Ian twenty five?
are ian and kyle really twins??
no they're not twins they just look alot alike.
kyle's 30 and Ian's 25
Ooooooohhhhhh I totally agreeeeee. I love Ian so much more than Edward, Edward is so cold and distant, and Ian is so understanding....and perfect!!!! I want Iaaannn!!! <3 I love him because he likes Wanda because she is herself. My favorite part of the book was when they were talking about getting Wanda a new body and Jaime said that Ian didnt come to pick out a body, because he didnt care what Wanda looked like. Awwwww
i know right !!!
why cant there be a guy like Ian somewhere ??
too bad he's a fictional character.....*sigh*
I want Ian !!
you know the feeling when a kid really wants some candy... thats what some girls feel about Ian O'shea!!
Edward is better in his own way, but so is Ian. They both have overpowering traits. it will be interesting to see how much people's views will change with midnight sun and the soul, and the seeker.


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