The Twilight Saga I don't know if any of you have seen MTV's new show Teen Wolf, but there is a character, Dylan O'brien, that kinda seems like he could maybe play Ian in the Host movie. so what do u guys think?he looks kinda ian



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omg, i love kellan!!!!!!!!! -Ashley
ya....i adore kellan ..he looks amazing..HOT ..SEXY...i feel dizzy every time i look at him..we want some one like that to be our lovely Ian o'shea..



Kellan is so cute! his girlfriend is very lucky to have him! -Ashley
you got a point! it makes sense ~Ashley

I think he looks a bit too young and skinny for Ian. I picture someone more muscular like Tatum Channing. I think Liam Hemsworth would be good as Ian. He has acting brothers that could play Kyle too. I'm not sure about Saoirse Ronan as Melanie though. Taylor Kitsch as Jared could work but these are different discussions maybe??

I'm stuck picking between two actors in my mind. Hugh Dancy from Confessions of a Shopaholic and more recently The Big C! I think he would be greaaat! The other actor is Henry Cavill from the TV Show "The Tudors" and movie "Whatever Works" - He's first of all gorgeous! And he is such a talented actor! He can easily portrait all the traits of Ian in my opinion.  :D


When I read the host I imagened Ian with big mustles &dirty blonde hair(:


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