The Twilight Saga I don't know if any of you have seen MTV's new show Teen Wolf, but there is a character, Dylan O'brien, that kinda seems like he could maybe play Ian in the Host movie. so what do u guys think?he looks kinda ian



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noooooooooo..noooooooooooooooo..absolutely no...sorry..but i think tom welling will be perfect Ian ..hi eyes not blue but they can make it blue..

hey is this dude buff like they say Ian is supposed to be???
I think he is...
Ashley: he would make a perfect Ian. i feel so bad that wanderer (wanda)  didnt tell Ian goodbye besides a "I truly love you ian"

Elijah Wood. :] He's super cute, has amazing blue eyes, and, not to mention, he's an amazing actor!!!! (just my opinion lol)



Cud work....idk but maybe he wouldn't want to work in the movie?


I'm not saying he has to work in the movies. Maybe Dylan O'brien wouldnt want to work in the movies either. I'm just saying that Elijah would be a great option for Ian.

that's true too...

Ashley: he seems a lot better than the other two men
Elijah cant play Ian cuz Ian was described ( very tall , big guy , muscular )..Elijah is not like that...
but there's movie
lol exactly :] Movie magic can do anything xD Elijah is pretty tall and muscular already though.


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