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I'd like to hear other reader's view about well as for wanderer and melanie..jared...jaime...and the rest of the characters... and sum of ur fav quotes also ;D

June 14 - I like ur feedback.. Thanks ;) ...
I agree..Ian..perfect guy..
He loves wanda dispite of wat she is...

((( I'd liked t0 see if any0ne has found pics of what you guys think. Ian..wanda..jared..jaime..and the rest of the characters look like.. Post em up if you have.. It would be interesting ..dnt you think ))

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I love Ian!!! The Host kind of reminds me of Twilight, you see, Wanda loves Jared and Ian and Bella loves Jacob and Edward. When Wanda kisses Ian its like slow molten rock and of course Ian's eyes are ice blue, that reminds me of Edward (soft and gentle, caring) Jared is like a wild burning fire (jacob) he is rough and a bit mean but reminds me of Jacob!! So yeah
Thta's a really good observation!!!! I think you're right. Just the way Wanda and Bella describe their feelings and passions for the two guys. I think the only difference b/w the two stories is that there are two girls (Melanie and Wanda) that make the love triangle, when Twilight is only with Bella plus Jacob and Edward that make the triangle. :)
my fav. quote is "its not the face, but the expression on it. its not the voice, but what you say. its not how you look, but the things you do. you are beautiful."
ian is my dream guy he's soooo adorable and he loves wanda for what she really is.... he didn't care about how wanda's new host looked like, he only wanted to be with her
wanda is one of my favorite characters because she'd give everything to save jared and jamie.
i loke melanie's personality, she's strong and inteligent.
sometimes i want to kill jared because he hurts wanda so much but sometimes i love him because he's so responsible and cares about everyone's safety
jamie is the sweetest boy ever, his shiny personality makes you love him....
i love ian because he proves that there are human guys out there like edward cullen!
Everyone has to admit tht Ian is the best HUMAN guy, he knows what Wanda is and he still loves her!!!! He is so in love with her he even said that, ''is it so unbearable for me to love you? Is tht it? I can keep my mouth shut Wanda. I wont say it again, you can be with Jared, just stay'' WITH HIM. Jared could've been a bit kinda to Wanda y'know and sometimes Melanie's comments crack me up.


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