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What do u guys think that Ian did before the invasion? Like was he in don't really mention this at all throughout the book, but I guess we can always imagine...what we do know is that he is like pro at maybe he played soccer with Kyle? I think maybe he was at college. If he were at college what career do u guys think that he had; maybe a psychologist? bc he is soo comprehending? what do u guys thing was his profession?


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well they didnt really mention his age but id like to think he's in his twenties or early thirties like jared. I think he wouldve been one of those people who played college soccer.
That's a good guess considering that he and Kyle are great at soccer...hmm maybe if SM writes a sequel to the host we might fin out!

Someone mentioned once - I don't know if I read it somewhere on this board or SM speaking - that Ian is in his twenties. So I think he's around 25. Now, what he was doing before the invasion? First question - when the invasion has really started. I mean the serious part, not the beginning with checking the planet and first victims, no one knowing there are aliens in the universe etc. Because if the invasion was 5 years ago he could be in college playing football, maybe he had part time job (he's muscular, I wonder if he was doing something that demands strength), maybe he even had nice girlfriend.

If the invasion was 10 years ago he was in high school.

Lot's to think about.

I know right!! I hope SM brings it up on the Host sequel!!
Thinking about Ian in high school - I wonder what was his favourite subject. :)
OMG!! IKR!??? He seems like such a deep and intelligent English/Literature? Sports is a definite...I mean with all that back muscle. Hmm..I wonder if he was one of those popular student's or not. But he must have been a real hit with the girls. I would have been staring at him ALL the time!! I mean who wouldn't?!!! I am waiting for my Ian...*sigh*...can u tell? Hahaha! :D

Ian in the book has, among other virtues, one great feature - empathy. That's why he's the way he is. I don't know about him being smart at school or work but he has something I call (don't know if you get it, no idea how to say it in english) "life smartness". Something like uncle Jeb. Of course Jeb is older, much more experienced but Ian seems to go in his footsteps.

I see this yeah totally!!


I'm glad I made myself understandable. ^^

I think Ian was a soccer pro during the good times. I think he had a good life with a family including his brother. I think hes the same age as Jared or a bit younger than him.

True. When we read the book, Mel's body is 20. Jared is 9 years older than her, which makes him 29. Ian is 25 so he's ALMOST the same age as Jared.

I have no doubt Ian was sporty before the invasion. :)

Oh. Okay. I need to read this book again and again.


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